Is dependent on three things doctors advice, your insurance company’s terms and conditions and restrictions, and the cruise line’s policy. Some want a letter of ‘fit to travel’ at any pregnancy length but all have the same cut off point; 24 weeks. They all seem to suggest that the day you become 24 weeks pregnant, you must leave the ship. If you think we are being extra careful by mentioning both sexes we are just making the blog future-proof as well as non sexist. In the new film Blade Runner … no, we can’t spoil it.


Our advice. Pack the sea sickness bands as you might want to try them before drugs. They can be found in many colours to match outfits. Click here or picture. They are so cheap it is worth leaving them in your suitcase. Though they might help with normal pregnancy sickness… please let us know. Enjoy your cruise.

MARELLA on cruising while pregnant:- You can cruise onboard our ships up to the 24th week of pregnancy. If you’re sailing on Marella Majesty or Spirit you’ll need to have a medical certificate to prove that you’re fit to travel. If you’re more than 24 weeks pregnant at the end of your cruise then you won’t be able to sail on any ship. Please check your insurance policy for any restrictions that apply.Marella Cruises Cruise Chat – share your thoughts on travelling while pregnant – experiences, reviews, pictures, films and help others with their questions. JOIN THE CHAT GROUP

Fred Olsen have published the following advice:- Children less than 6 months old and persons who will be more than 24 weeks pregnant at the end of the Holiday are not permitted to travel. It is recommended that medical advice is sought prior to Booking for children aged between 6 – 12 months.CHAT and share your cruising while pregnant experience, and answer other peoples questions. Join the Fred Olsen Cruise Chat Facebook Group

P&O Advice:- Pregnant guests can travel with us up to the 24th week of pregnancy. If you enter week 24 of pregnancy at any point during the cruise, unfortunately you won’t be able to continue travelling with us.

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SAGA Cruises and holidays – state that they cannot take anyone who will be 24 weeks or more on holiday or who will be at that stage in their term while away. Their web site is not the easiest to use but this link should take you to the terms and conditions.

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QUESTION: If I travel and I am more than 24 weeks pregnant am I technically un-insured and liable for all the bills?

ANSWER: Check with your insurance company and lawyer before you travel, but it appears all the companies say no travel.