Watching a football tournament on a ship is electric. Look how incredibly international cruising is, these are the ships stopping in St Petersburg during the current World Cup, and Russia has other ports. Having been on board a ship for a World Cup and other great sporting events, I can tell you the atmosphere is fantastic. The World Cup is on and lasts for a month, taking part in Russia, where Arsenal fans received a very warm welcome back on the 12th April against CSK. The love for football is universal, the game being worth twice as much as film and TV and with The Premiere League being the biggest maker of television in the UK, and the biggest exporter of television from the UK, bigger than all our drama broadcast makers put together. The sports bars on board will be packed.   Ships Dock Here – Google Map position  We board the Britannia on the day England plays Panama to go to the Baltic. AARHUS  COPENHAGEN FREDERICIA  GDANSK GOTHENBURG HELSINGBORG HELSINKI KALUNDBORG KIELE KLAIPEDA MALMO OSLO RIGA SKAGEN ST PETERSBURG STOCKHOLM TALLINN TRAVEMUNDE VISBY WARNEMUNDE  St Petersburg Map

Find your ship’s chat site + share your pictures + experiences to help othersP&O Cruises St Petersburg  Marella Baltic Cruises Fred Olsen St PetersburgPlease subscribe to the Doris Visits YouTube Cruise Destination Guide channel here          The World Cup atmosphere will be huge on ship, as well as in St. Petersburg. Just look how many ships are welcomed into St Petersburg in the course of a month, and no visa is required if you are on an excursion. With an audio pen excursion you are left to roam around Russia with no visa. Apart from pickpockets, you won’t be bothered.


Anyone with us on B818, I guess we will meet in the bar at 1pm for England v Panama – I will be there for the second half….


  • Thu June 14: Russia – 5 v 0 – Saudi Arabia    Egypt – 0 v 1 – Uruguay (Group A)
  • Fri June 15: Morocco 0 v 1 Iran (Group B) Portugal 3 v 3 Spain
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 15th. AZURA and BALMORAL
  • Sat June 16: France 2 v 1 Australia (Group C)  Peru 0 v 1 Denmark 
  • Sat June 16: Argentina 1 v 1 Iceland (Group D)  Croatia 2 v 0 Nigeria  
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 16th. CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE, QUEEN ELIZABETH
  • Sun June 17: Costa Rica 0 v 1 Serbia (Group E)   Brazil 1 v 1 Switzerland 
  • Sun June 17: Germany 0 v 1 Mexico (Group F) 
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 17th. AIDAbella, BRILLIANCE OF THE SEAS, CRYSTAL SERENITY, MARINA 
  • Mon June 18: Sweden 1 v 0 South Korea (Group F)
  • Mon June 18: Belgium 3 v 0 Panama (Group G)   Tunisia 1 v 2 England (Group G)
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 18th. ARTANIA, REGAL PRINCESS
  • Tues June 19: Colombia 1 v 2 Japan (Group H) Poland 1 v 2 Senegal (Group H)
  • Tues June 19: Russia 3 v 1 Egypt (Group A)
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 19th – AIDAmar, COSTA MAGICA, SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER, SERENADE OF THE SEAS
  • Wed June 20: Portugal 1 v 0 Morocco (Group B)  Iran 0 v 1 Spain 
  • Wed June 20: Uruguay 1 v 0 Saudi Arabia (Group A)
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 20th. AIDAdiva, NORWEGIAN BREAKAWAY
  • Thu June 21: Denmark 1 v 1 Australia (Group C) France 1 v 0 Peru
  • Thu June 21: Argentina 0 v 3 Croatia (Group D)
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 21st. MSC PREZIOSA, NAVIGATOR OF THE SEAS
  • Fri June 22: Brazil 2 v 0 Costa Rica (Group E) Serbia 1 v 2 Switzerland
  • Fri June 22: Nigeria 2 v 0 Iceland (Group D) 
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 22nd. AIDAcara, CRYSTAL SERENITY, NEUE MEIN SCHIFF 1, MS ROTTERDAM
  • Sat June 23: Belgium 5 v 2 Tunisia (Group G)
  • Sat June 23: South Korea 0 v 1 (HT) Mexico (Group F) – Rostov-on-Don, 4pm
  • Sat June 23: Germany v Sweden (Group F) – Sochi, 7pm
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 23rd. NEUE MEIN SCHIFF 1, CRYSTAL SERENITY
  • Sun June 24: England v Panama (Group G) – Nizhny Novgorod, 1pm

BETWEEN FIXTURES? TAKE A LOOK AT OUR ABBA – MAMMA MIA MUSEUM DOWN THE ROAD IN STOCKHOLM – the show is back in London, probably on a few ships too 

  • Sun June 24: Japan v Senegal (Group H) – Ekaterinburg, 4pm
  • Sun June 24: Poland v Colombia (Group H) – Kazan, 7pm
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 24th. CELEBRITY ECLIPSE, CRYSTAL SERENITY
  • Mon June 25: Uruguay v Russia (Group A) – Samara, 3pm
  • Mon June 25: Saudi Arabia v Egypt (Group A) – Volgograd, 3pm
  • Mon June 25: Spain v Morocco (Group B) – Kaliningrad, 7pm
  • Mon June 25: Iran v Portugal (Group B) – Saransk, 7pm
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 25th. AZAMARA JOURNEY
  • Tues June 26: Denmark v France (Group C) – Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm
  • Tues June 26: Australia v Peru (Group C) – Sochi, 3pm
  • Tues June 26: Nigeria v Argentina (Group D) – St Petersburg, 7pm
  • Tues June 26: Iceland v Croatia (Group D) – Rostov-on-Don, 7pm
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 26th. AIDAmar, COSTA MAGICA, SEABOURN OVATION, SERENADE OF THE SEAS
  • Wed June 27: South Korea v Germany (Group F) – Kazan, 3pm
  • Wed June 27: Mexico v Sweden (Group F) – Ekaterinburg, 3pm
  • Wed June 27: Serbia v Brazil (Group E) – Moscow (Spartak), 7pm
  • Wed June 27: Switzerland v Costa Rica (Group E) – Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 27th. COSTA MAGICA, SEABOURN OVATION
  • Thu June 28: Japan v Poland (Group H) – Volgograd, 3pm
  • Thu June 28: Senegal v Colombia (Group H) – Samara, 3pm
  • Thu June 28: England v Belgium (Group G) – Kaliningrad, 7pm
  • Thu June 28: Panama v Tunisia (Group G) – Saransk, 7pm
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 28th. SEABOARD OVATION, AIDAbella, MARELLA DISCOVERY, MARINA

YOUR SHIP’S CHAT SITE FOR THE WORLD CUP IS HEREThe Doris Visits page on dress code, why, how and should I?

Last 16 Still Standing – the knock out stages

  1. Sat June 30: 1C v 2D – Kazan, 3pm (49)
  2. Sat June 30: 1A v 2B – Sochi, 7pm (50)
  3. ships in St. Petersburg on 30th. P&O BRITANNIA, DEUTSCHLAND, MS ZUIDERDAM
  4. Sun July 1: 1B v 2A – Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm (51)
  5. Sun July 1: 1D v 2C – Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm (52)
  6. ships in St. Petersburg on the 1st. ARTANIA, MS SILHOUETTE
  7. Mon July 2: 1E v 2F – Samara, 3pm (53)
  8. Mon July 2: 1G v 2H – Rostov-on-Don, 7pm (54)
  9. ships in St. Petersburg on the 2nd. SEABOARD OVATION, AZAMARA JOURNEY
  10. Tues July 3: 1F v 2E – St Petersburg 3pm (55)
  11. Tues July 3: 1H v 2G – Moscow (Spartak), 7pm (56)


  • Fri July 6: Winner match 49 v Winner match 50 – Nizhny Novgorod, 3pm (57)
  • Fri July 6: Winner match 53 v Winner match 54 – Kazan, 7pm (58)
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 4th July. MARINA, BOUDICCA, CELEBRITY ECLIPSE, AIDAdiva, AIDAcara
  • Sat July 7: Winner match 55 v Winner match 56 – Samara, 3pm (60)
  • Sat July 7: Winner match 51 v Winner match 52 – Sochi, 7pm (59)
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 5th July. AIDAcara


  • Tues July 10: Winner match 57 v Winner match 58 – St Petersburg, 7pm
    • ships in St. Petersburg on the 10th July. AIDAmar, COSTA MAGICA, NEUE MEIN SCHIFF 1, SILVER SPIRIT, PACIFIC PRINCESS
  • Wed July 11: Winner match 59 v Winner match 60 – Moscow (Luzhniki), 7pm
  • ships in St. Petersburg on the 11th July. MSC ORCHESTRA, COSTA MAGICA, NEUE MEIN SCHIFF 1

Third-place play-off


Cruise the world and see what an inspiring place it is.