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Working in a ship casino

Working in a ship casino

We start, as always by saying ships take people with experience. If you have worked as a dealer, or croupier before and want to work at sea, then apply. There are very many jobs, just in the casino. But as we also say, it is not all party, party, party at sea. It is very likely you will have ship duties and need ship and sea training as well as working your own long hours. Being given emergency life boat duties anywhere on ship, means you can be called on to in control 24/7. That is likely to mean no excess drinking and random drug and drink tests. 

However, working at sea is a ball, you do see the world, you will have a great time. You will also need to be able to control your food intake of it could be a disaster.

If you have been to a casino than you will know, it is all about working with the public, even when they are not at their best you have to be. It is meant to be part of the entertainment program, a little bit Monte Carlo, a little bit West End Night club, a little bit Las Vegas.

Jobs include but are not limited to- 

Every ships casino is likely to be run by an outside operation or franchise and the interviews and the induction are likely to be done at see. Here are some examples.

Expect long hours. Maybe up to an average of 60–70 hours a week. On port days shifts can start at sailing time, and finishing at about 2am. On sea days shifts can start at 10 and work through, with an hour for lunch and dinner. It can end late and plus the slot count at the end of every cruise, when you can work until about 6am some claim.

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