We have said Seasons Greetings to you all in other blogs, and now it is wishing you a happy new year. We had been wondering what we could do as a special blog happy festive season blog that would put a smile on your face or make you reminisce. Then this came up, but we could not get the film transferred in time. You know we are all entertainers here at Doris, and film makers, but you didn’t think that we were perhaps this old… maybe you did. Let us explain.

When Stuart St Paul, our executive producer now an internationally awarded film director and stunt coordinator gives his talks on the ships he comes out with many strange and wonderful things but few go back this far in time. Christmas 1980, this shocked the viewing public as Woolworths bought the whole commercial break and used various cuts of this mega commercial, and yes, it is Stuart with actress Margo Hardiman. Margot’s husband Pat reminded us of the commercial at dinner before Christmas, but we only had it on VHS (that is an old TV tape system for the younger ones) and had to get transferred! Where do you find a VHS machine – at the local dump! No, we sent the tape away.

There are so many stars in this commercial, many Stuart worked with when an apprentice at radio 1 before going to Metro and then to Orwell before joining Southern TV as the DJ in the soap Radio Phoenix with Sherrie Hewson and Simon Rouse. Margot had been in most TV shows up to 1980 including Crossroads, Softly Softly, Within These Walls and Robin’s Nest and a few BBC Plays For Today. After this commercial she was cast as Muriel, Ronnie Corbett’s sister in SORRY a show that ran for 8 years. Small world.

As Stuart does not look like he will go back into film next year he is booked to appear on the Queen Victoria, the Ventura, the Oceana and then one show when Jean Heard appears on the Britannia in the Baltics mid year. There are other ships, but that is all a long way off.

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Sincerely, have the best year you can next year and if possible, take a moment to help someone else have a good new year. And join our Facebook Chat sites, new for 2018. There is one for every ship and we expect that within two years they will have thousands of knowledgable members.

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