Now is the time to book to find the sun, it must be somewhere – Seriously look at the weather – we are off! Obviously we have to, but we fly to Boston to join the Aurora for a few days and jump off in Bermuda, two weeks back to edit the films and then Join ship in Venice down through Croatia and Sardina. Back for two weeks, first grand child due to arrive! Then out to the Caribbean to start caribbean season. It is all work and there will be at least 30 new destination films and some more entertainers films up on Doris Visits by the end of it. If that sounds like a lot of cruising, it is, but not as much as a world cruise like the Arcadia’s 99 night circumnatigation. If that is too much then the 50 night Amazon Adventure If you think it is time to spend the inheritance, then sail. Our new destinations menu on Doris Visits breaks the Caribbean into three because it is a huge area. The northern Caribbean route and Florida we start at Charleston and Bermuda and come down to Key West (big favourite). Then we have the actual islands in the Caribbean Sea, and finally the ABC islands and Central America. There are some fascinating places that we hope you can research using the resources here. The Caribbean is a big area and a long season, and you may be wondering what all the islands are and who they belong to, if so, we have the Caribbean explained.

But where can you go to find the sun? This time of year after the schools have returned there are some great last minute deals to chase the sun into Arabia and far Mediterranean or out to the Canary Islands. Dolphins swum alongside the ship in the sea near Madeira and given the rain we though we might see them last weekend on the way to the supermarket.

  • Thomson Winter Cruisesclick here for the latest offers for this Winter Cruise Deals

Let us share some typical routes. The Canary Island route is very popular, but the Fjords can be wonderful in late summer though the weather can be changeable as well as lovely – but has anyone seen Stavanger in the sun?

We look for unusual islands like Sardinia in the early autumn but there comes a time when the Canary Islands as much as they are easy and will remain sunny, and not as hot as the Caribbean. These are the Thomson Winter deals.

Now is the time the Caribbean season looms and the late deals will start to appear at the P&O sites, and when they do, we have the links all found and listed for you. P&O late deals, Fred Olsen Late Deals and SAGA Late Deals all on one page to compare the deals.

If you are on a fly cruise and fancy a romantic book to read, read the first chapter of American Portrait here, as Violet flies into Canaveral to start her Caribbean cruise only to find another woman doing her job. Will it all go wrong? Or read the section in Tortola when she visits the slavery museum with the young painter. Then down load it to your kindle for the plane. Solo Cruiser book series.


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