Home 11 Baltic Visby Visby, Gotland in the Baltic Sea on a Baltic Cruise for Doris Visits

Visby, Gotland in the Baltic Sea on a Baltic Cruise for Doris Visits

Visby, Gotland in the Baltic Sea on a Baltic Cruise for Doris Visits

At one time the most important Hanseatic town, full of churches which all bar one stand as incredible ruins in the ‘Pearl of the Baltic’.  The Swedish cruise port is on the west coast of the Baltics largest island, Gotland, and as such is not a Euro area. Sweden being one of the three EU countries not to adopt the currency. From stone age dwellings to being a Viking trading post, it developed into the Baltics main Hanseatic centre between the 12th and 14th centuries with huge interest from German merchants. It is no surprise that there are over 200 warehouses and wealthy merchants stone dwellings from that time remain within its 3,040 meter long medieval wall. The World Heritage site is the best-preserved fortified commercial settlement in northern Europe and you can walk the town and alleyways and finish by relaxing in the Botanical Gardens. With vibrant squares, German beer cellars and lively modern cafés you can grab wi-fi in between visiting the many museums.

St Kitts Fortress Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik STATUE OF LIBERTY TOUR

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Doris Visits shares films on all the popular Baltic Destinations and tours so you can see what you are getting and plan ahead. Plus the Baltic chat site where others share knowledge. We can recommend the Changing Of The Guard in Stockholm, we loved Tallinn, it is our favourite cruise route. ‘‘Bruges Canal Boat’ tour is probably the best deal on the route. We show you various tours St Petersburg including ‘on your own with Audio guide‘ and ‘Ballet Evening‘. Then there is our ‘‘chocolate and happiness’ film from Bruges. You can get to Southampton Cruise Terminal by coach so, so cheaply and with no strain, have you ever considered it? If you have never cruised, and we are mainly a cruise site, then click here to see how to look at what cruising is.




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