Doris Visits considers two different Golf Weekends in the UK

Although Doris Visits is predominantly a cruise travel channel, we find fellow adventurous and like minded golfers and skiers when cruising. Not in the golf nets on the top deck but normally at the 19th hole! So we have added a couple of UK fun weekend golf retreats.

TUDOR LODGE – Maidstone – Marriot Hotels

Tudor Lodge has one 18 hole course. It is a good course, varied holes. Side information is that the foxes come out to see you on the 10th, bold as brass because they know you might have stopped for food and expect you to share.

Maidstone is just south of London, less than an hour by car or train. It is only 20 minutes from Ashford International and Eurotunnel, 40 minutes from Dover and close to London Gatwick Airport plus major rail and motorway links, it is very easy to get to.

This link is to the hotel, we used the UK search filter, then activities, fitness or golf to get the selection of Marriott Golf hotels.


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BELTON WOODS – Grantham – Q Hotels

Belton Woods is quite a family escape with a lot to do. There are two courses, the middle one, the lakes, has quite a few water hazards as well as a few long holes. The Woods is slightly higher and wraps around the lakes. That means there are 36 holes to choose from.

Grantham is up the A1 beyond Peterborough, for us it is a mid way to meet friends from the north of the country. This link should take you to their site. They have other sites, the one in Northampton has a bowling alley as well.

‘Doris Visits’ Golf Tips for the winter weather – Presents – Although lucky with the weather on our trips, by that I mean it could have been worse, the grass was wet. Doris did mention her new Footjoy Golf Boots, so if you are looking for a Christmas present for a lady golfer, take a look. A present for the men, just to be even, if you are looking for a male golf present; lined trousers. They will save you getting cold playing golf. We have seen others on Amazon too. And, if you are still losing too many balls, here is a cheap way to stock up, second chance lake balls.

Happy Golfing …. see our films on the Costa del Sol if you fancy a warmer winter game.

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