The seven night maiden voyage of the UK’s third largest Cruise operator, Marella’s, new ship the Marella Explorer is on the 19th May 2018 – and it has more bed space than any of their other ships and it will be all-inclusive from May 2019.

As we speak it is in dry dock at cadiz, aiming to sail out on May 13th. What is happening… well, the press releases indicate that they have just 4 weeks to lay 45 square kilometres of carpet. Bearing in mind the ship holds about 2,000 guests, there will be around 1,600 workers from different teams leapfrogging to get the work done, some running 60km of data cable to 650 Wi-Fi access spots so you can log onto Doris Visits while away. New features will include Indigo – the ship’s new flagship bar, club and casino – and the first Champneys Spa at sea. Some mock-up pictures have been released.

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These are glimpses of the new INDIGO BAR and the LOUNGER. Details are now up on the newExplorer page of the TUI site. Champneys have designed the state-of-the-art spa. The Explorer will sale out of Palma with more facilities than any of Marella other ships and be Marella’s biggest ship at 260m long with ten passenger decks adding to their fast growing fleet. It is currently finishing refurbishment and will offer ten places to eat including the open air Mediterranean Restaurant with both Pizza and Tapas restaurant areas, plus the Kora La, Surf ‘n Turf, Snack Shack and Uma Sushi. Built in 1996 this was originally a Celebrity Cruise ship and with TUI in a joint venture status both under the Royal Caribbean parent, it was the Mein Schiff 1. It could hold 2,860 passengers and 900 crew but what will it be like now? Here is the ‘before’ film, and we soon hope to post the ‘after’ film.
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The Kora La will have Oriental-style lanterns and paintings are paired with a pan-Asian menu of curries and noodle dishes. This will be a fine dining addition and there will be a small premium to eat here. The ship may end up looking different to the film below, but it can’t be that different, this is the ship BEFORE.Marella Explorer Cruise Ship. The new ship in the fleet – Click to join – share knowledge, ask others a question, someone on this network will know the answer

This is a video of the Century Class Mein Schiff 1, which is about to go in for a make over and come out a Marella ship. This is a Century Class ship, the largest Marella cruises has operated.

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The itinerary is in and out of Palma, Majorca, Spain which makes it a fly cruise, something TUI with their own planes do so well. Day 3 it hits The Godfather territory, PALERMO, Sicily’s capital which is an exotic blend of Middle Eastern architecture, Baroque buildings and colourful marketplaces. Day 4 you will arrive in pizza heaven, NAPLES, the home of the famous pizza festivals. It is said to be Italy’s most red-blooded city. Day 5, LIVORNO, Italy the gateway for PISA. Our Pisa guide shows you how to get there easily by train.


This will be a regular summer route for the Explorer. Day 6 you sail into VILLEFRANCHE, on the French Riviera. The tours are endless, from Monaco to Nice, Cannes to St Tropez.Day 7 is the enchanting fishing of PALAMOS, Spain, then on day 8, you will be back in Palma.


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 The small ship, Marella Spirit will continue to sail with Marella until October 2018.