It appears that for fans of the seventies sensation The Osmonds, bothers Merrill and Jay will be on board and preforming three different shows, on Azura A823. There is also an Osmonds game show and a meet and greet Q&A session.

It is not mentioned on the P&O web site yet, but don’t take our word for it, here they are on YouTube. This is a seven day cruise out to Hamburg, and like the hamburg short ‘party’ cruises this will be party all the way back to the 1970’s. I think a few might even take 70’s fancy dress, but that is an assumption on out part.

The cruise is from the 1st of September 2018 for 7 nights, and at the time of writing this link is showing inside cabins for £549. You can check details, availability and book here

Book direct, all correspondence will come back to you via email direct from P&O.

The cruise stops in Hamburg where you will need you passport as well as your cruise card, and we have great films to show you the town. If you want the model Railway you must book in advance or do a tour or get there really early ! 

Also Le Harve and an overnight in Amsterdam, that could get messy.


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So a chance to remember all those old hits from Crazy Horses to Love Me For A Reason, it is not clear which of the older brothers might sing Puppy Love, or whether Jimmy will make an appearance. When P&O grab an exclusive it normally repeats, so no doubt the Azura chat site will be full of the news of this American family band who we are embarrassed to list their credits because they are such legends and if you know them, you don’t need reminding. If you are on the cruise and need to play catch up, listen to a hits album.

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You can check details, availability and book here