San Cristóbal de La Laguna, better known as La Laguna is definitely worth a visit and it will take a half day to explore a good share of the classic the old houses in the main street. There is a local tourist office, as shown in the film, and that should be your first point of call. Get off the tram you caught at the port, all shown on the film, walk to the top of the road and turn right. Was along and turn left, walk a block then turn right and that corner should be the tourist office. Ask someone, everyone is helpful. We are not sending you somewhere unknown – La Laguna is the third largest city by population in the Canaries, after Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife and it was the former capital of the island. It is the historical and cultural heart of the western Canaries and old houses on show are the oldest and most prestigious of the archipelago. It is worthy of being designated a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. See the film here on Laguna and you will be enticed. 

We had plenty of time to explore here and move onto Puerto De la Cruz but had we not been filming we may have stayed the who day here. The old houses in this area are huge and have internal open courtyards. Many are museums or show houses and I would think the exhibitions change. The Don Quixote one was fantastic, the one on women in art was weird and there is an old church at the end of the road and many individual shops. The trip done here in Laguna is the one film of Tenerife that was used and is really detailed in the novel Her Virgin Voyage, where the author used our films as research, with permission. For us, the Azura didn’t sail till 10.30pm. Click here for all the islands and cruise stops on a Canary Islands here for the New Canary Island cruise menu including West Africa & Cape VerdeIf you were in Tenerife with us please share your comments and photos on the chat site, good content on the chat site we can pull into the site here as a helpful blog for others.CHAT GROUP – Cruise the Canaries Chat – New Group, be one of the first to join and start a thread on your forthcoming or past cruise by number – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHATClicking the DORIS VISITS COMPARE CRUISE DEALS BOX takes you to a variety of deals and explains how they are all found.

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  1. Northern Panorama
  2. Loro Parque
  3. Gardens of the Valley
  4. Puerto de La Cruz and Orotava Valley
  5. Mamas and Tapas
  6. Mount Teide National Park
  7. Mount Teide Cable Car
  8. Playa de las Americas on your own
  9. Puerto de la Cruz on your own

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