Doris Visits Tallinn in Estonia on a Baltic Cruise

Baltic Overview TallinnThere are likely to be six or so ships at the popular port in Tallinn, it is a busy port! Tallinn is a gem of the Baltics. Britannia B818 for June 2018 is already pretty sold out. There is also Azura A815 for June 9th 2018 and Arcadia J808 on 8th July and Arcadia J811 on 17th Aug 2018. But there appear to be fewer Baltic cruises available in the first half of next year.

Tallinn was definitely part of the Hanseatic league, Tallinn has been a working port for ages. The fort or walled city is just a walk from your ship and although there are likely to be many ships (6 when we were there) it does not feel busy. The route is shown on the film so you can judge for yourself how easy it is.

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Tallinn Old Town – The first building you come across is the round Maritime Museum, then a block back and to the right, following the steeple, is the cathedral that was once the tallest building in the world. Inside the steeple is a tower of spiral stone steps wide enough for one way traffic but it has to take two- way traffic. So, huge recommendation, go there first, early, before it is busy and the steeple steps are a traffic jam.

Walking through the town afterwards is delightful, even better when the sun is out. It is colourful and friendly with many bars and cafes before you get to the main square. There is a tourist street train, horse and carriages and walking tours. The main cathedral is further up the hill, another church with over 100 coats of arms, and a viewing balcony looking back at the old town if you avoided the other church tower climb. You can get a bicycle rickshaw to take you straight there and walk back, but you will miss a lot of what you can find on foot. The walk back down the road towards the station has many artists showing their work on the walls.

Tallinn Underground Tunnels – Here you can go down to the medieval tunnels refurbished for the 2nd world war, then again in the 1970’s when the Russians build nuclear shelters. In the 1980’s it was the party place of the punk music revolution. Now, much is sealed off as it houses protected bats and giant nine- inch spiders. But take a look, it is all in the film Doris Visits Tallinn and there is a very unexpected passage in these tunnels in the book The Perfect Storm. Tallinn is a beautify city, an easy walk from the ship, and a small town to master. Let Doris Visits help you orientate and avoid too much Honey Dew Beer.

This is a town as easily visited by plane and a place that stag and hen parties now find. But, the main tourists are from cruises. There is an overview film with a brief look at what a Baltic Cruise can offer if you are thinking of visiting Tallinn and the other ports. Click here.

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