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St Vincent, Kingstown and white sand beach by local bus

St Vincent, Kingstown and white sand beach by local bus

St Vincent in the Caribbean sea lies between Saint Lucia and Grenada. It is the largest of the Grenadine Islands and conjures tropical visions, but its beauty is away from the port of Kingstown which does have one of the most interesting Catholic churches that should be seen. It could easily be a location for Game of Thrones. Whilst the port does have its charm it is a functioning town that this film takes you around quickly before going off to the beach. The unspoilt island is the gem. If you are in search of a beach, there is only one white sand beach listed on the island 2017 tourist map. We take you there from the second local bus garage past the market on a $1 US bus marked to Layou and Buccament. Ask anyone in the bus station and they will willingly show you to the right bus. Once you see it, it will be obvious; the destination names are on the front either above or below the windscreen. The local people will enthusiastically guide you and exchange stories, which is how we found the ChiChi fishing, see that film here.

St Vincent 2017 Road and Beach Map – download here from Doris Visits

The local map given out as you arrive by the tourist office is very helpful and the beaches are coded by beach balls. Black beach ball means black volcanic sand, the yellow beach ball is yellow sand, white beach ball means white sand. These beaches are the unspoilt type, not the lively bar filled jet skiing beaches or Barbados. You may be one of a dozen people. Take water and sun cream there may only be a local rum shack as at Buccament where the local resort has closed meaning the beach is almost empty. Having said that there is a canoe and boat hire shop that no doubt did great business when the holiday centre was open. Tourism also list other excellent leeward coast beaches as including Mt Wynne, Petit Byahaut, Richmond Bay and Cumberland Bay but they do give them the black sand beach ball. Note Tucker Bay way north, funny if Tucker is on board as your comedian. On the south coast, Indian Bay Beach and Villa Beach are very popular and have a yellow beach ball! Across the water, the powder white sands of Young Island can be reached and enjoyed by ferry or water taxi almost next to your ship. A note of warning here we have heard this is a fast speed boat ride, not a slow sedate taxi! And if you take the extra $5 ride to the ‘better beach’ it is a hotel beach where a charge may be levied. Check first, because the taxi will leave you and rush back for customers. Always check the deal then both sides are happy. The islands of Bequia and Mystique are idyllic, but a boat or helicopter away at a slightly higher premium cost than the $1 US it cost us to get to Buccament. If you do go to Bequia, walk round to Jacks Bar, what a treat, what an island. See our film on Bequia. (pronounced Beckway)


The film of the ChiChi fishing in St Vincent is here.

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A tour is the best way to enjoy this beautiful island, there are few organised and the ships have found the best. Buccament Beach is part of one tour, the Prate adventure of the coast sounds rum fun!

Click here for the special CARIBBEAN SEASON destination menu. Each major Island and Caribbean Season Destination has a guide or film about the tours here !If you want to look for this area on your may, Buccament is the only white beach ball, meaning white sand. There are two yellow beach balls and the rest are black meaning volcanic rock sand. The best beaches are on the small islands off this main island. See our films on Kingstown and Beach, St Vincent, and the island of Bequia.

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