Cruising the Norwegian Fjords will almost certainly start in Stavanger

Yes it rained when we went back to Stavanger again, but we also had sun. Four seasons in one day and Stavanger was full of surprises that made it a very enjoyable visit. They have moved the tourist office and Jean shows you the best places to see including the old town with it’s 200 year old wooden houses, canning museum, lake and coffee shops. A Fjord cruise will go here, to the ‘Seat of the Vikings’ so please share.

Stavanger is a very religious town, if you arrive on a Sunday like we did the first time much will be closed. Norway is not a cheap place to stop for a beer or a coffee so the queues to get back on board at lunch time or if it rains are often the big problems. The Cathedral, the lake and the old town are the places to see, but the sail away through the Fjord is also something that deserves to be seen. The Fjords are very filmatic and our video of a typical Norwegian Fjord Cruise illustrates that to Mark Blackledge’s wonderful music. The guides of the towns like this one is just of the town. We also have guides on Olden, Flam, Skolden and Bergen. On our previous visit we were there shooting an episode of the web drama series Shades Of Bad. It rained on us then. Please share this page. Below is the film that started our travel operation, a drama shot in Norway.

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