Status Quo, the cyclone that rocked Fiji – part 2

We continue our Doris Visits special with a new film of exclusive material from Fiji (Click here to see part 1 first), where the island was rocked first by a cyclone then by rock band Status Quo. Francis Rossi talks about his future, which was being pondered back in 2012. These are interviews never seen before and material we have never published. Much of this is because Universal took over the publicity to the film Bula Quo and this whole section was never used. Back then we had no way of looking at the hours of films and chats and interviews that were collected as we had no edit suit.

Now, with us owning our own Doris Visits Travel TV channel on line via the OPERA app, we are continually publishing travel films and can book time, not easy but we can, in the edit suit to see this footage and cut it together. Here is part two where Francis ponders the future of the band. You can watch these on TV of you have a modern TV.

Which ever songs you like of Quo, the original pop, the heavier years, or the later more family orientated shows, there is no denying there have been key points in their history. Live Aid in 1985 was huge. The band had not been together for months and may have never played together again for that day.

Similarly, the film did things that no one except those involved could understand. It was meant to be a heavier film, with heavier songs and a more violent script. Here you can see that Rick was not in favour of that and preferred the softer humours route. The original film was to star Vinnie Jones as followers of the film’s journey will know. Had rick not fallen ill the first time it may have been made that way.

However, when we moved it to Fiji the fusion of music was always on my mind, and the Pacific Island versions of the song were recorded and played to the band, sometimes the day we shot and they played with them. However, those unplugged songs started a new era.

It is now secret that the next film was to be India, and again we had been looking at a new fusion. The idea is not dead. Their manager Simon loves Cyprus and there is a British rocker who plays Bhangra Rock in a restaurant he frequents. We have eaten there with him.

This film shows a number of things that will become more apparent as the parts unfold. Playing and doing the same thing and songs every night is a double edge sword one is grateful for, but, something new is an adventure that may or may not work. That makes it a risk, a risk that frightens and entices.

If you or a fan missed the film, then as Christmas is coming it is a great stocking filler. The BluRay version has the standard extras on, it does not have this material. Why are they on the Blurry and not the ordinary DVD. That is a choice Universal made not us, but the technical ability to put a movie shot at 4k on a DVD plus an hours filmed extras may have more than a lot to do with it. If you don’t have a Blu Ray, then these extras are better and exclusive, but the other extras are available on the white-listed Bula Quo YouTube Channel. (click here)

Director Stuart St Paul gave his talk on the making of the film in the Pacific on the P&O ship Arcadia while it was there. He will be back on another ship soon.

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