CHURCH OF THE SPILLED BLOOD – This church is situated along the Griboyedov Canal with a paved walkway running along both sides of the canal. It is also known as Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. It was built on the site where Emperor Alexander II was fatally wounded by political nihilists in March 1881. Building of the church began in 1883 by his son Alexandra III during his reign and was finished in 1907 when Nicholas II was in power. It cost an estimated 4.5m Rubles. The construction was funded by the imperial family. On a few of the tours this church will be offered because it is a must. The interior is quite impressive though our favourite church is still a little visited church in a part of Rome often ignored but on the end of our Angels and Demons film tour as Dan used it. Certainly on the Emperors and Assassinations Tour, and the St Petersburg Explorer you will get to see this very impressive church; the church of the spilled blood. You guide will let you in on a group ticket if it is included with the tour, but the guide does not guide you inside. Here, inside this church, where it is crammed and crowded. It is one of the worst places for pick pockets. Beware. In book two of Solo Cruiser that happens on the Baltic, Sally Katz includes a story where a lens was unclipped from someone’s camera in the crowded church of the spilled blood. That was us relaying a true story to her as she used our films built the novel around a real cruise. Don’t carry anything you don’t need.


CHAT GROUP – Cruise the Baltic Chat – New Group, be one of the first to join and start a thread on your forthcoming or past cruise by number – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHATThe church is in the medieval Russian architecture style and intentionally resembles the 17th-century Yaroslavl churches like St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. It has over 7500 square meters of mosaics only surpassed by the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, which has 7700 square meters of mosaics.

See an over view of a complete Baltic Cruise route here, and go direct to the operator’s sites via their cards on this site or links below. Direct via these links will give you the latest best deal and availability. Here we have all the Baltic destinations and many of the tours, some it is way cheaper to book on line below before you travel.

  • P&O Cruises to St Petersburg  – Click here
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  • Marella Cruises – Marella Baltic Cruises
  • Disaster in the Baltic ! The book series has been in the charts for months. Book 2 all happens in a Baltic Cruise ! Adult action romance on a cruise.
    Follow author Sally Katz by clicking her name and then on the author page on Amazon, click follow. Then as she releases a new book your are informed.

Walking Shoes and what to pack. This is cruise of discovery and in maybe seven port stops with seven cities to explore you might need good shoes and few things. Be prepared, here are some more tips.

  1. Take something to eat and drink or schedule a stop, the day is long and can be tiring.
  2. Do not carry a wallet or bag you do not need, do not talk to hawkers or people handing out leaflets unless you are aware of the situation and someone is watching your back. Pickpockets work with leaflet givers and book sellers.
  3. Walking Shoes and what to pack. This is a walking cruise, maybe seven stops with seven cities to explore. Be pared.
  4. Share your pictures with us and share these films with other cruisers. Send them to us in comments.
  5. Plan your Baltic Cruise, share our over view film with fellow travellers and plan. There is a lot to do.

    CLICK HERE for our new BALTIC CRUISE destinations menu – All parts and tours together, then a choice of every Baltic port in its own menu. CLICK HERECHAT GROUP – Cruise the Baltic Chat – New Group, be one of the first to join and start a thread on your forthcoming or past cruise by number – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHATWe have way over twenty films on Baltic Destinations and tours so you can see what you are getting and plan ahead. We can recommend the Abba Museum in Stockholm, we loved Tallinn, it is our favourite cruise route. Bruges Canal Boat tour is probably the best deal on the route. You can get to Southampton Cruise Terminal by coach so, so cheaply have you ever considered it? If you have never cruised, and we are mainly a cruise site, then click here to see how to look at what cruising is.

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