With so many ships berthed at St Petersburg, and so many tourists in town, venues and functions can sell out. So this tip is to make sure you get what you wanted. Or, to be clear, the Russian Ballet evening does not necessarily mean you are going to see the Bolshoi Ballet at the Bolshoi or any other large opera house. This could turn out to be a night out at the reserve venue with the reserve team. To be fair it will still be the ballet.;a smaller theatre with a ballet company that will probably put on a well known show like Swan Lake. There will be one or two exceptional dancers in the show who may no longer be at the top of their game. We saw a ballet in St Petersburg and it was Swan Lake. The Ballet Evening is one of many available evening excursions for an overnight stay, there will also be a music concert or a traditional evening. We were hoping to have gone to the Mikhailovsky Theatre which is one of Russia’s oldest opera and ballet houses named after Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich of Russia. That was founded in 1833 and is situated in a historical building on the Arts Square in St. Petersburg, but we went to a smaller theatre in the square with less history and glamour as seen on the video. To be fair we were informed of that a few days before and we were tempted to cancel. We were taken to Arts Square, but a hall which looked like an old concert hall and less impressive than our son’s school theatre (but that was a good theatre). It did have space for a 40+ orchestra and well equipped surround sound system and obviously plays nightly for tourists so our tip is to know what you are getting. We obviously can’t show the whole Ballet so there is just a clip. The lead Ballerina stood out but we would have paid double to go to the Mikhailovsky, sadly it would have cost the same. We just got bumped. We have heard cruiser reports from those who did go to the Mikhailovsky and thought it wonderful. So the tip is ensure you get the best. If the event promised changes ask if you can cancel should you wish to. There was one free glass of wine, we needed another but they only accepted local currency and we like many of the cruisers had not changed any money for what was an organised tour. The restaurants on board often have deals on the nights when passengers are enticed out.

Please take a look at the other excursions here in St Petersburg, then our many films to show you what they involve. To get into Russia you have to be on an excursion and show the excursion ticket and meet your tour at the other side of passport control to avoid the need for a visa. If not on a ship tour ensure you have covered all that dialogue and re-assurances before you travel. Some of the tours we have covered on film here are, Emperors and Assassinations, Peter and Paul Fort, and St Petersburg On Your Own.

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    We have way over twenty films on Baltic Destinations and tours so you can see what you are getting and plan ahead. We can recommend the Abba Museum in Stockholm, we loved Tallinn, it is our favourite cruise route. Bruges Canal Boat tour is probably the best deal on the route. You can get to Southampton Cruise Terminal by coach so, so cheaply have you ever considered it? If you have never cruised, and we are mainly a cruise site, then click here to see how to look at what cruising is.

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