Whilst any such statement will enjoy a queue forming to disagree, one cannot argue that this is luxury cruising at its best. But you need deep pockets, these Regent Seven Seas cruises will cost a multiple of the cruise ships most of us book. Whilst you cannot match like for like, and with routes and booking deals things change, let us just say that if you are used to paying around £100 a night, this could be a shock. Maybe £700 to £1000 a night. But let us take a look at what you get, because every cruise has hidden costs as we explain in the blog the true costs of cruising. On RSS everything is included. Role out the SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER, this film is an experience in itself, it is not short, 13 minutes, but it shows how they intended to set a bench mark in the whole cruise industry.

Charlene, Princess of Monaco, is her godmother, and every ship has a godmother, see our list. The top deck is deck 14, she holds only 750 passengers and she is laced with gold leaf and the best Italian Carrara marble. Made in Italy by Fincantiari, the same shipyard that has made so many ships, like the Azura, she entered service in July 2016, and features all balcony suite accommodation. I would be happy with the smallest, the Verandah suit. Dream on……. but maybe, see the deals we can offer in the deals box, you might just surprise yourself.

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