While entertainment is at sea, communication is on the cloud

Who is Doris? Looks like she is a Koala! We had been wondering who Doris is ourselves then our good friend Marty Kristian sent us this. You will see from our link we mean ‘the’ Marty Kristian who taught the world to sing and met presidents in the USA and Russia, played the biggest arenas in the world and sold more records than modern artists can dream of. He was one of the 5 New Seekers and the one most girls had pinned inside their desk. A good friend of Doris Visits and a fellow celebrity cruise speaker mainly with Fred Olsen but has also been found on P&O, Cunard and SAGA he painted this for us. A very talented artist with a slight twang of an Australian accent still after all these years in the UK, he was in fact born in Latvia, a place he now visits on a Baltic Cruise.

The cruise world has become the centre of entertainment and entertainers. Not just current performers who a generation ago would have played in clubs, now extinct, up and down the UK, but old entertainers like ourselves appear to chat and mix. So while entertainment is at sea, communication is on the cloud. What we try to do at ‘Doris Visits’ is be a service and a resource and tell you the little bits of trivia that might brighten up a chance meeting on deck. For example, Monaco is smaller than Central Park, New York.  We give quirky information and contact with destinations and artists. We try to focus totally on UK cruisers and cruising and that way even the adverts we run are there to assist you and should not be off plot.

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We try not to criticise things but show you enough for you to make your own decision. Everyone likes different things so there is no good or bad just different. We try to show you the local bus, metro, features, and importantly the tours because from them you can learn what a place has to offer. You might be able to save money but we appreciate that you might want to book that through your ship to ensure it waits for your safe return. We do get rewarded by them if you click through and book your cruise through a link on our site and for that we are grateful as it goes towards camera and editing costs otherwise footed by our film side. Our movie Freight is on Netflix, our movie Bula Quo is still on DVD only in most areas but will eventually make TV. Stuart St Paul talks about that on board some of the ships when invited.

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Sally Katz used the films on Doris Visits to peg her books on! With permission. Each book takes place over a cruise! Book 1 is a Canary Islands cruise, Book 2 is in the Baltic, Book 3 is in the Caribbean, and Book 4 goes from the ABC islands through the Panama Canal.