Kong Skull Island is an epic movie, so is where it was shot, take a look with Doris Visits

Yes, you can go there, to Kong Skull Island, where the stars made the great movie.

We were very lucky and privileged that the Arcadia stopped in Oahu, and while most people rushed to the monument of Pearl Harbour, although we took that in, we were keen to get to Kualoa Ranch. That is where epic movies are made.

Where??? We here you ask. It is a nature reserve with huge valleys and rain forests that film makers for years have jumped upon when they need to shoot epic locations. So Jurassic Park concluded there, Jurassic World was shot there. It was a base for the TV show about a crashed airliner, Lost. Hawaii Five 0 has been there, but the current movie is Skull Kong Island. If you have something as huge as KONG, you need huge; you need Kualoa Ranch. Take a look.

It is on bus route 55 from the city, $2.50. Free to get in the ranch, the tours and prices for them are listed on their web site.

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