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Skjolden Drone – filmed from above it looks fantastic

Skjolden Drone – filmed from above it looks fantastic

If you are a cruiser who loves to walk around the local town, it is beautiful here, but there is very little of it. Your day will be short. For those who like to Cycle, there is a hire next to the cruise port, and those who like to hike, get those boots on. Otherwise it is the excursions. Take a look at Skjolden from the sky here, and out clips on foot from our TV drama on our other film. There is little more than this to show on film so next we go back we will venture out and make an alternative Skjolden film. In the town you will pointed to the Urnes Stave Church, the oldest stave church found in Norway, built in the 12th and 13th centuries. It is of traditional Scandinavian wooden architecture, combing Celtic, Viking and Romanesque design. The tourist cafe will be busy, if you want to sit outside looking over the lake you will have to pick your moment.

TOURS – include a helicopter ride so the drone shows you what to expect. A scenic coach tour, driving south along Lustrafjord, the innermost branch of Sognefjord (Norway’s largest fjord). A rib adventure on the water, fishing is also available locally. A mountain adventure to Jotunheimen National Park which is Norway’s most majestic mountain area with 27 of the highest peaks in Norway. Or a Glacier adventure, through the Jostedal Valley with its traditional agricultural scenery and on to Jostedal Glacier National Park.

NOTE – If you cycle that far, take a charged mobile phone with the storage cleared off for lots of pictures and the ships paper for all the contact numbers as well as the cycle hire number for rescue. 

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