Skagen is on our schedule for next year on the Britannia. Skagen features in book 2 of Solo Cruiser, a series we are working on to try and get a TV deal for, we thought we had better feature it. Skagen comes almost at the end of Book 2 as things look like they are going well, and Skagen sounds the place for that. The book mentions the sea food and the beaches and it is famous for both. It also cunningly foreshadow the art and painters in Skagen and it does seem to be famous for impressionist art. Art and painters form the story of book 3, American Portrait. Here at the northern most tip of Denmark the book also mentions the seas of Skagerrak and Kattegat crash together of the peak, here Violet has her taken which appears to be an obligatory photograph. You would certainly expect Fred Olsen to Skagen as it is right opposite where their company started in Oslofjord. It actually looks like the land that broke away from the indent of Norway to form Denmark. Here overlooking the sun bleached sand dunes are the summer houses of the rich, and in the town is a museum of Teddy Bears – it sounds a great place. Take a look at our whole Baltic Route film. It is our favourite cruise route.


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  • Disaster in the Baltic ! The book series has been in the charts for months. Book 2 all happens in a Baltic Cruise ! Adult action romance on a cruise.
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