Atul Kochhar’s Sindhu Restaurant

The Sindhu restaurant from Atul Kochhar is a firm favourite with Doris Visits. Atul is an Indian born, British based chef, restaurateur and television personality. One of the most critically acclaimed chefs in Britain, Kochhar’s take on modern Indian cuisine has now won him two Michelin stars. He was the second Indian chef to receive a Michelin star, awarded to Benares restaurant in London in 2007, which we dined in courtesy of our daughter actress Laura Aikman for our anniversary. It cost a pretty penny though she was paying, and cruises with P&O can get this experience for just a small supplement. You are not just going to the ‘local Indian’, well you are, because it is just a short walk on deck. But, if you want to spend a few well learnt pounds on land visit his restaurant in Mayfair, Bernares Michelin Star Restaurant, London. Yes, this is a real treat for a small supplement.

Atul also has restaurants in Madrid, Spain and Petts Wood in Orpington as well as on the P&O fleet.

Arcadia, Britannia, Oriana, Azura, Aurora and Ventura all have Sindhu

The Sindhu on the Arcadia is at the top of the centre lifts opposite the East Bar. This film was made there.

As always the food at Sindhu was exceptional, and they also serve Sula wine along with the ships other selection. Sula is an indian wine. Because of the high sunshine in India, the Sula grapes have less tanning. The wine is very light and easy to drink, maybe too easy. Normally the white is a Sauvignon Blanc but as the Vineyard in India expands, and have now added a Riesling, you may have to now select which Sula.

None of the dishes are hot. So if you might like a more spicy meal you will have to discuss this possibility when booking the table. Soft shell crab is quite wonderful, but all the food is good and with the many courses and attention the meal is a dining experience.

The Sindhu is available on all but one of the P&O ships, even the new jewel in the crown, the Britannia.

If you like India food, take a look at our Kerala film where we had two cookery demonstrations by a local chef.

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