It is so easy to get away and find a cheap hotel or city break

Out of school holidays, there are often mid-week deals to fly to Malaga, Barcelona or many other places like Rome.

Time to grab a few days away. We used to fly somewhere every Sept and our favourite find was Sardinia – not Cagliari which is a port to get away from to a beach, but the other side.

If you are not tied to a regular routine you can even miss Monday, Friday and weekend flights you will find great deal. Flying mid week is a real bonus price wise, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are great days to fly. Hotels become cheaper as the schools ring the kids and families away. Many ships that had been family ships run adult only cruises and you will see them on offer via our partners at SAGA. Just click the deals box – push the button.

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Where to go? How to go. Well, travelling last minute means that, although Last can offer holidays in advance too. Try Spain, We were very pleasantly surprised by Malaga, which is next to Mijas. We had been through it many times but never actually stopped there to take in what they claim is the best botanical gardens in Europe along the front, the castle and the small streets hiding great museums. Take a look.

You could just stick a pin in the flight map, or see where the best deal is. Rome is worth a stay, look at the hotel we found there. How about Barcelona? There are so many places we suggest you just watch for a cheap flight a book it, then think….. what is more fun is just looking, imagining the possibilities, then when you see the prices you might just ask yourself – why not. It may be the case that on a cruise you saw someone you would like to spend more than 6 hours in, so take a look.

At Doris Visits we love virtual travelling, we love looking at destinations.

You could even fly into Gibraltar and taxi up to Sotogrande.

If you fancy a trip in the car to a golf break with the family but don’t want to fly, take a look here.

If a walk around London is more your style, follow the haunts of Lillie Langtry and our King … just suggesting. Have a look round Doris Visits, then jump on one of our many chat sites; engage and share.

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