Shopping is the new leisure activity and there are few places in the world where it can be done as stylishly as in Dubai.

The Arcadia sails there in 2019 on a wonderful itinerary Dubai to Southampton!


Whether you travel to Dubai specifically to shop, and you will not be the only one, or, you are on a fleeting visit or a one stop on a cruise, there is shopping! It is just a case of where and how and in what order. If you stop at Dubai, you have so much to choose from. The Souks local to the cruise terminal are wonderful, more traditional, the malls are full of shops you will recognise from back home but surrounded by ski slopes and aquariums reaching up two floors. I kid you not, Dubai is a shopping experience like no other …. and then there is downtown with its 100% genuine fakes at 90% discount. Taxis and the Metro make so much possible.

The Dubai Mall

Let us start big guns blazing. This mall is huge, beyond huge. You can have a golf cart taxi run you around, you might need to. You will be walking for days, it is huge. Think good footwear! Watch the film first…..

The Mall is the biggest in the world, including all areas, it is huge. The Fountains are actually outside in the lake, as is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Come back and check out that blog for Wow factor! Click this text.

Inside is an ice rink, the statue of a dinosaur and so much more. It has its own gold souk,  a Rainforest cafe next to the ice rink, and a Sega Theme Park. There is a lot to do, you will walk more than you have ever done before. The shops open late and families shop late so don’t be shocked if you go to one of the cinemas inside, then eat, then come out and find it is still heaving.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

We made this a separate film,because not everyone who shops wants to look at fish. Or do they? The children love it.

Inside the Dubai Mall is the biggest aquarium I have ever seen, it stretches up from the lower floor to the 2nd floor and you can dive in it or take glass vehicle visits to see the sharks. But, you can see a lot from the shops through the 60cm thick glass.

If when you have watched it you want to go in!!!!  Then book! It sold 61,000 tickets in its first five days and some of the activities like diving with sharks need to be booked in advance.

Downtown Dubai Reveals Karama

Before you spend on premium goods at the expensive Mall, there is downtown not too far away, where you can find 100% genuine fakes at 90% discount, which is such a great line. That has a different feel. You will get one of the best Kebabs you have ever tasted for less than a GB pound. Here is where your money will go further but you need to bargain and walk away.

Here is where you will be shown every watch made on the planet and they will start at £100 and come down to £20, if not walk away. Bags galore of every make and colour. So, if this is your handbag, and you like to bargain, visit Karma before you visit the big malls.

Then just a taxi ride across town eat real food at Ravi’s…many taxi drivers do not speak English even if they can convince you they do, so whilst they are cheap, for unusual destinations they can get lost. However, they should know Ravi’s. Print out a picture as well as the address, in Arabic if you can. No.3, Street No.D591, The Gardens.

Ravi’s is where you find many local people and those who travel to Dubai regularly. Those who know you can eat great food, street side in your shorts for pennies. 4 of us ate for around £20. The food is Kerala style cooking, and we do have some videos on Kerala cooking from our visit there when Doris took cookery classes.

This video also explains how to use the spotlessly clean arty designed Metro which both Malls are on.

Dubai Emirates Mall

Our film of the Emirates Mall will be published in a few weeks, but this private link will get it to your earlier. remind me to change the link if it stops working when published.

The Mall is slightly older than the Dubai Mall and is a little smaller. It might have a few more up market shops, that is arguable, but it is easier to orientate around.

It has a ski slope and arts centre with theatres supporting much community art. It is also a place that has space, so many acts and dancers will use it to rehearse.


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Dubai Creek and Old Souks

First a warning the Dubai Creek Metro stop does not take you to the area of the creek you might expect, as you will see from the film. The Gold Souk and Spice Souk are one side of the creek and the Old Souk and Heritage Village are on the other side nearer to the cruise terminal.

Heritage Village and Old Souk or Textile Souk

This is a much more laid back souk than the Gold Souk and Spice Souk across the Creek. It is also known as the Textile Souk, but it sells much more. In this area, there is a restaurant on the water and an Asian Restaurant upstairs. The water station has boats that will take you across to the other souks.

Gold Souk and Spice Souk

The Gold Souk is a real hustle and bustle place. The Spice Souk slightly less. Do not be surprised if a salesman takes you away to a room upstairs in a back street, many shops are off the main street.

The Madinat

Finally a reminder that as well as the old traditional souks, souks are recreated in many places like inside the Dubai Mall above, and the Madinat which is a man made Venice-like canal surrounded by trendy bars and restaurants. This souk is perhaps more tourist focused but has all the goods covered and you do not get hassled. There are great tee shits for the kids and a fascination for Pinocchio puppets.

In all, Doris Visits has ten films on Dubai. Amazingly seven of them whilst primarily about different areas go into shopping and are listed here. It is worth watching them all if you are planning a few days there.


Choose from these many tours in Dubai and book direct CLICK HERE

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