We have started to add books that are written at the cruise locations we feature. It has been a long time plan to do this and will take ages to update and improve the sites as we now have pages for almost every popular major cruise port in the world either up or loading. Some books are now added.

BOOKS SET IN PISA Dancing to the End of Love is set in Pisa; When internationally successful singer Siobhan McGovern turns up at the launch of Robert Lanaghan’s latest book in Dublin, it’s the start of a stormy, passionate affair. Kindle under £2 Book available.

BOOKS SET IN FLORENCE My Cousin Rachel is set in partly in Florence; see film review from on board ship, this film plays on ship. Kindle under £6 book avalailble. 

BOOKS SET IN BARCELONA ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown has Barcelona as a main location; Langdon finds himself being hunted. He escapes with the museum’s director, Ambra Vidal. Together they flee to Barcelona in the search of answers, to where Edmond Kirsch once lived Kindle or Hardcover on Amazon 

BOOKS SET IN BARCELONA ‘The Antiquarian’ Novelist Enrique Alonso’s world is turned upside down when he receives an intriguing letter from his adoptive father, Artur, a well-known antiquarian in Barcelona. Kindle or Hardcover on Amazon 

BOOKS SET IN ST MAARTEN: American Portrait. Violet cruised to find love, but found and as a mature woman was shocked to find interesting employment, but then romance, then the employment goes wrong and ends in St Maarten. You will recognise the ship as well as the location. Kindle and book on Amazon

BOOKS SET IN TAHITIThe Water in Between: A Journey at Sea. Following a brief romance and a period of self pity, Kevin Patterson decided to have an adventure and sail in a boat to Tahiti from Canada. Quite a distance for someone who had never been in a boat. On Amazon

BOOKS SET IN HO CHI MINH CITY: RU – Ru: In Vietnamese it means lullaby; in French it is a small stream, but also signifies a flow – of tears, blood, money. Kim Thúy’s Ru is literature at its most crystalline: the flow of a life on the tides of unrest and on to more peaceful waters. In vignettes of exquisite clarity, sharp observation and sly wit, we are carried along on an unforgettable journey from a palatial residence in Saigon to a crowded and muddy Malaysian refugee camp Buy Ru on Amazon – Click here

Three Cruise books form Violet’s Story – all released. Book 1 charts.

Was book 1, Her Virgin Voyage written on the Ruby Princess, Ventura or Azura? And was it real inside knowledge to predict that P&O would announce same sex marriages this year – all wrapped in romantic novels. Set in Madeira, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Lisbon.

Kindle, Paperback with Audio Book soon. Listen to chapter 1 free now.

Despite splitting the ability to chart by having two versions of the first book, VIRGIN VOYAGE has not only charted but stayed in the charts consistently. Violet’s story highlights cruising as colourful, interesting, historic and cross border story or survival but it is about the character’s journey not the ship’s. It is the original Virgin Voyage, the full fat version as we call it in the office (the raunchy version, but then 50 Shades is the best selling UK book of all time) that is selling. But, mindful that many of our cruising audience wanted a light version of Violet’s story without too much description, one of the things we did was ask for less raunchy versions of the first two books. It is now your choice; raunchy or just romantic. Considering the millions of books published to be hitting under 10,000 in the chart with a new book is amazing!!! Amazon alone appear to publish over 50,000 new books each month and over 2 million books available. What do we think – it is an easy read, well, it’s not. You wouldn’t want Violet’s life or luck, but you want her’s to get better.


Amazon produces ‘author pages’ which are very useful. If you follow an author by their page (click follow under the picture space), you only get a notification when a new book is released by that author. It is a very useful facility from Amazon. Please follow author Sally Katz who is a land based cruise worker.

THE EDITORS – WHAT THEY DO AND WHAT WE DID.     We came on board to look at the television possibilities of Solo Cruiser. The first change we made was to get as much away from the ship and ship life as possible and make more of the destinations. In doing so we also insisted the cruise destinations feel real because we know cruisers are experts. You can’t fool a cruiser. Those who cruise know these places and know what they are like. Although Sally has a knowledge of cruising as a land-based cruise-staff member who has often been on the ships, she wrote using deck plans and pictures. We suggested each story should start and end as a real cruise, have an itinerary and a time scale. Sally easily remodelled the first book, Virgin Voyage round a typical Canary Island cruise for which we had films. You will understand what happens in Madeira and La Palma because you have seen these places, if you haven’t you will see the films. Although it was written round the deck plans of the Ruby Princess it works just as well as if it might have happened on the Caribbean Princess, Azura, Ventura or any of the ships in that Grand Class of ship. The second book is based on a Baltic cruise we did, with special note of places like Tallinn and the Abba Museum, but Skagen is not from us because we have never been there. We have also never seen the wooden ship museum in Stockholm so it is not all from Doris Visits research. Those places are on our list to film next year when we film the Baltic again. The third book sees her fly out to join Caribbean season and you will know all the places she goes to, but you will not have seen them with this marketing twist as she is involved with the company directors as she finds she has a job with the cruise operator, not that everyone approves of her appointment. Her conflicted life continues.

The TV SCRIPT is radically different from even the light version of the book. It has to be and perhaps the book should not change. However, discussions have to take place before any recording as the audio book has to be the same as the final published paperback for it to be part of ‘Whisper’ – so what is whisper? It is new multi media format so you get the book, the kindle and the radio book, and can listen to a bit, then read a bit. All very modern but there are nearly 100,000 books in whisper already despite technical standards and problems so you can see how special it is to be in the top 10,000. It took us eight years to make Bula Quo, we have just started on this project!

GREAT BOOKS OF ROMANCE for while you are cruising

The secret is that these are great stories. They take place against a great back drop cruising the world. How wonderful is that? But they are not soft stories, they are highly involved life and death, marketing and love stories, company directors, crew and passengers. So much even regular cruisers can’t know. So, what do you read while cruising? We are often told Romance is the favourite which is why we agreed to this fit. Please share with anyone you know likes to read romantic books.

SOLO CRUISER BOOK SERIES. Violet Becket has never cruised. Infact she has been no where in a long time. Too long.  And she has never had romance, never ever. As an older woman time is running out and she needs to make a change. This romantic read is based around cruises because once she cruises she loves it. That is her romance, well, there is a little more. Without spoiling why, because she will reveal as and when, Violet wakes late in life and is not of the Tinder generation. Dating agencies say she should lie about her age but she doesn’t need to. Violet is a very attractive woman.   So, imagine you have just been unfrozen to the world and you have less time on earth than every one else has enjoyed. Violet decides to experience everything; life, love, travel, friendships and sex. The problem is that has only ever had imaginary friends. Determined to become a strong woman she overcomes self internment and agoraphobia, and books a cruise to find romance. When she cruises she find the one things she loves is cruising.

You can also read the start of Book three here.

There are two Virgin Voyages.

The book covers state clearly the versions. If you liked Bridget Jones, which got very raunchy in the last film, and you read 50 Shades then down load all three to your Kindle of get the paperback. The audio book is to be recorded from the light romance only version which is due in the Autumn. The test, half of Chapter 1, of the audio book is free here LISTEN HERE.

There are three books that make up Violet’s story and we reckon they make 10 one hour episodes together which is a TV series. See what you think. The character in focus changes to Kieron in book four and we are helping to encourage a second series about Tank Commander Kieron Phipps who has taken to sea. This is such a topical book series and has been discussed in terms of being like a modern- day Upstairs Downstairs / Downton Abbey. It is an above and below decks adventure and it is pretty accurate. Even to the workings of head office and marketing! It is also in the major TV vein of using older actresses in shows like Big Little Lies, so the future looks bright whether it becomes TV or Film.

If you want to know how a cruise ship runs and don’t want to read Violet’s revealing detail in a novel, here are some more serious and much more expensive books that cover the same topics but without the romance.

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