Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea about 120 miles from the mainland of Greece. Considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful islands, it is a tender port visited normally by small and medium size ships and there is a cable car up from the port. This film is Elizabeth and David from the Ruby Princess, which is rumoured to be the original ship the book Virgin Voyage was modelled on, if you are interested in romantic deck reads while visiting romantic islands.

Check out the tours offered by our guide widget to see what the island has to offer or just relax with the local wine and fish and look over the sea and ask yourself where it all went wrong! It certainly went wrong if you were near it when this volcano erupted as it is thought to have been the biggest volcanic eruption in history in around 1500BC. Many biblical stories have been linked with this huge eruption which resulted in Santorini as we know it today. Having destroyed settlements on what was a single island, it formed a giant rectangular lagoon, which measures about 7.5 by 4.3 miles with an island in the middle of that. It is surrounded by 980 ft steep cliffs on three sides forming the main island which slopes down the other side to the Aegean Sea. A small island called Theresa is the forth side of the lagoon.

If you have a video of a port destination, please let us now by contacting us here at Doris Visits. Jean will be there next year on a number of different cruises as we start to look at the Aegean.