This is another tour of the SAGA Pearl 2 which gives you a feel of what the small ship feels like and has to offer.

SAGA offer holidays to those over the age of 50. They have a wide area of holidays that they cover on the site, but their two ships are very in keeping with their style and they have two new ships on order.

Look and book. Look at the ship on the SAGA web site and check availability

SAGA Spirit of Discovery to have first Jools Holland night club at sea THE CLUB BY JOOLSSAGA SHIPS – ADULT ONY –


It is worth noting that we often send cruisers to the SAGA site because it is an easy place to find the other cruise lines adult only cruises, because they sell those through SAGA. So a Princes, Regent Seven Seas, or Celebrity Adult only cruise can be found easier their than looking though the different site. Other Adult only ships include Marella Explorer 2, and P&O Arcadia.

Our good friend Marty Kristain of The New Seekers fame is often on board as a celebrity guest and he loves the ship. Say hi to him for us.

Click here to go to the site for the full description, prices and availability.

Also take a look at the tour of the ship, Library and the dining film. We list them all on our site.

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