SAGA PEARL 2 Library

We know many of you love the libraries, and these sadly are vanishing from some ships. Here on the SAGA PEARL 2 they have a great library and lounge. Take a look at this short film, it will also help you see the ship. See the new ship and the SAGA sister ship in the Cruise Ships area of Doris Visits.

Our good friend Marty Kristain of The New Seekers fame is often on board as a celebrity guest and he loves the ship. Say hi to him for us. Click here to go to the site for the full description, prices and availability. Also take a look at the tour of the ship and the dining film. We list them all on our site.

Whilst this is a raunchy romantic read each book takes place on a cruise ship. There is interesting insight into the accelarating advance of the cruise industry in the third book of the book series Solo Cruiser. Each one is about a cruise and book three sees Violet meet one of the company directors who, knowing the ships on order across the cruise operators is planning for a new business. The story is gripping, the destinations read accurate though we have not been to all of them yet, the company insight is amazing. Book one, Virgin Voyage is where to start, they are raunchy and romantic so prepare for an emotional storm as well as a dark story in book 2. Perfect Storm based on a Baltic cruise where we have films on most of the locations. We have never been to Skagen (yet, but booked for 2018) which is one of her stops.

If you are worried how to choose which cruise, which ship and where to go, take a look at our how to choose a cruise blog. Why not have a look at the LATE DEALS over a coffee. Doris Visits allows you to SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. We have videos of many of the cruise stops you might make from St Lucia to Barcelona, from Tallinn to St Maarten. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share. Most cruise operators will offer the Baltic as a cruise.