WE are loosing another small ship and there are just a few cruises left on which to sail on her. The SAGA PEARL 2 will sail its way round the world as below for the last time, cruise to cruise, some long, some short, all exciting. But these are its last cruises as the SAGA PEARL 2 and finishing with an amazing African coast farewell cruise. 


It is worth noting that we often send cruisers to the SAGA site because it is an easy place to find the other cruise lines adult only cruises, because they sell those through SAGA. So a Princes, Regent Seven Seas, or Celebrity Adult only cruise can be found easier their than looking though the different site. Other Adult only ships include Marella Explorer 2, and P&O Arcadia.

WINE WALKING & TAPAS   28th July 2018  11 nights,  Dover, St Nazaire, La Palace, Bordeaux, Bayonne, Pasajes, Gijon, Dover

WESTERN SLIES & SCOTTISH ISLES  8th August 2018  13 nights,  Dover, Jersey, Avonmouth, Campbeltown, Scarster, Leith, Dover.

SCENIC SCANDINAVIA  2nd October 2018  10 nights, Dover, Amsterdam, Kiel, Sonderborg, Hundested, Gothenburg, Dover.

ANCIENT WONDERS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN  12th October 2018  18 nights,  Dover, Lisbon, Barcelona, San Remo, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Cagliari, Cartagena, Gibraltar, Portsmouth.

FLAVOURS OF THE CANARIES  30th October 2018  14 nights, Portsmouth, Madeira, La Palma, San Sebastian, Puerto del Rosario, Leixoes, Portsmouth.

THE MOORISH MEDITERRANEAN  13th November 2018   17 nights, Portsmouth, Lisbon, Tangier, Melilla, Algiers, Minorca, Motril, Malaga, Ceuta, Portsmouth.

AMSTERDAM ESCAPE  30th Dec 2018  4 nights,   Portsmouth, Bruges & Amsterdam, Portsmouth.

FESTIVE HAMBURG  4th Dec 2018  6 nights,  Portsmouth, Bremerhaven & Hamburg, Portsmouth.

SCANDINAVIAN FESTIVE DELIGHTS 10th Dec 2018  7 nights,  Portsmouth, Oslo & Copenhagen, Portsmouth.

CHRISTMAS IN THE CANARIES 17th Dec 2018 from Portsmouth. Cadiz, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma, Madeira, Lisbon, Portsmouth

CANARY ISLANDS DELIGHTS  4th January 2019  14 nights,  Portsmouth, Lanzarote, Puerto del Rosario, Las Palmas, Santa Cruz, Lisbon, Ferrol, Portsmouth. 

SPANISH MOROCCO & ANDALUCIA  18th January 2019  15 nights, Portsmouth, Ceuta, Melilla, Majorca, Algiers, Cartagena, Malaga, Vigo, Portsmouth.

THE CANARIES BLOOM  2nd Feb 2019   13 nights,  Portsmouth, Madeira, La Palma, Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Coruna, Portsmouth.

SOUTRH AFRICAN FAREWELL ADVENTURE  16th Feb 2019   54 nights The ships final cruise. From Portsmouth out to Madeira, past the Canary Islands and out to spend a glorious cruise stopping in Gambia then around South Africa and back via Dakar, to Las Palmas and Ferrol. An amazing farewell.

  • Day 1 Depart Portsmouth
  • Day 2,3,4 At sea
  • Day 5 Funchal, Madeira. J
  • Day 6 Santa Cruz, Tenerife. 
  • Day 7, 8 At sea
  • Day 9 Porto Grande, Sao Vicente. 
  • Day 10 At sea
  • Day 11 Banjul, the Gambia. 
  • Day 12, 13 At sea
  • Day 14 At sea, crossing the Equator. 
  • Day 15, 16, 17 At sea
  • Day 18 Luanda, Angola. 
  • Day 19, 20, 21, 22 At sea
  • Day 23, 24 Cape Town, South Africa. 
  • Day 25 At sea
  • Day 26 Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 
  • Day 27, East London, South Africa. 
  • Day 28 At sea
  • Day 29 Maputo, Mozambique. 
  • Day 30 Richards Bay, South Africa.
  • Day 31 Durban, South Africa. 
  • Day 32 At sea
  • Day 33 At sea, cruising the Cape of Good Hope
  • Day 34 At sea
  • Day 35 Luderitz, Namibia. 
  • Day 36 Walvis Bay, Namibia.
  • Day 37, 38, 39 At sea
  • Day 40 Jamestown, St Helena. 
  • Day 41, 42 At sea
  • Day 43, At sea, crossing the Equator
  • Day 44, 45 At sea
  • Day 46 Dakar, Senegal. 
  • Day 47, 48 At sea
  • Day 49 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. 
  • Day 50, 51 At sea
  • Day 52 Ferrol, Spain. 
  • Day 53 At sea
  • Day 54 Portsmouth.

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