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Rome City Guide, Jean’s first of many films on Rome for Doris Visits

Rome City Guide, Jean’s first of many films on Rome for Doris Visits

ROME walking guide and bus tour – It was not built in a day and you will not see everything in a day. My guess is you will never see my favourite church! Not that I am into churches but the one on September XII street near the Termini takes some beating. If you arrive on a cruise then you might want to go straight to Termini and get the Big Bus tour, see that film. It is normally a long stop here for the cruise ship, we arrived around 7 am and had to reboard by 1830hrs, that is fairly standard.  Note, the train comes in past the Vatican, down and round the whole city before that stop. You might save the extra 20 minutes or so by getting off early at San Pietro.

You can, therefore get off earlier and walk in. On the train from Civitavecchia, get off at San Pietro for St Peter’s Basilica. It is a 24-minute walk, there are walk/ bus options see Google Transit. Turn right when you see the city walls, the gate is on the left.

The stop closest to the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, and the Pantheon is Trastevere Station which is a 43-minute walk off tram and bus. See google.com/transit.

Big Bus Tours RomeYou might want the shorter walk to the Vatican from San Pietro, as you will be walking between the Vatican and Colosseum etc anyway.
Big Bus Rome

St Peter’s Basilica

The reason most people go to Rome, to see this opulent estate. The church is free to visit so as the day wakes up the queue stretches and can be two to three hours. Just about everyone will want to sell you a skip the line ticket, these are all agents and they sell a voucher. Even the Big Bus is a voucher and you will have a place to go and meet with a representative to exchange it for your ticket and be taken to your tour at the allotted time. These tours are guided and at the end, you pass through the back door into the church, that is how you skip the line. Via a paid tour.

  1. The Piazza Navona & Pantheon is a beautiful square covered in another blog page
  2. The Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps are also big tourist attractions, and we have a huge tip here, see our other blog.
  3. A brief orientation of Rome so the City won’t come as a big surprise ends with a suggestion. There is another way to see Rome. How about re-living the clues in the movie Angels and Demons.
  4. The Bus Tour is a great option, whether hop on or hop off or the one we prefer the Big Bus which is a British company based in London. Click here for blog.
  5. Jean walks past the ruins along the promenade from King Vittorio’s Monument to the Colosseum click here for blog.


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