The capitol of Latvia like so much of the Baltic coast has been controlled by the Swedes and fought over by many others. Set on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the River Daugava, the narrow streets in the walled Old City still hold much history and are an inviting explore on foot. There is a Dome Cathedral with a magnificent organ and medieval wall mountings. Livu Square with many bars and nightclubs is a centre for tourists to visit. The historic centre with its 19th century wooden architecture and the contrasting art nouveau has Riga on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The new town is just a bus or tram away. In Brivibas bulvaris (Freedom Boulevard) you will see the Freedom Monument. A green statue of a woman holding three gold stars on top of a 42-metre stone pillar. South of the city canal are the five former Zeppelin hangars that make up the Central Market which sells much of the local speciality, smoked fish. One of the entertainers you find on some ships Marty Kristian was born in Latvia.

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