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QAQORTOQ, Greenland –

QAQORTOQ, Greenland –

The pretty harbour with its colourful wooden houses has a colonial part of town and a museum in the square next to the statue, which is the oldest building from the settlement founded in 1775. Earlier signs of population dated back 4,300. There are few excursions here apart from a tour to Hvalsey Church historical ruins, where you will hear tales of the Vikings and learn how Christianity spread. Take a look at Qaqortoq. Fred Olsen Cruises Here

Research tours where you can, then decide which ones you might take. If on line tours are available they will be here. Here is what the ship may offer and what there is to see.

The Museum and Church ruins seem all that is offered by most of the cruise operators. Visit Greenland suggests there are organised hikes.

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Who cruises there  
P&O Goes to Qaqortoq – click here Fred Olsen Cruises HereAida Cruises here  Princess cruises to the Fjords


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