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P&O DRESS CODE on board ship

P&O DRESS CODE on board ship

The dress code does catch guests out. We have seem some very embarrassed faces on Black Tie nights when some passengers realise people do make the effort. We have seen many buy black suit and ties in the shop to comply, and some sitting, determined that they will ensure it does not apply to them until the officers on dress police duty suggest the guest might feel more comfortable somewhere else.

Dress code was simplified back in 2016. Casual evening wear used to required a jacket or blazer, but that has gone. It is like a casual night at a golf club, a collared shirt and no denim jeans. We have seen smart tailored denim allowed on smart casual nights, but let us suggest it is rare. Cruises are where people enjoy dressing up. The ships have areas where you can enjoy the evening without dressing, these are normally the buffet and the pubs.

DRESS CODE – Who doesn’t have one? Who does? Why, how and should I?

The bars on Gala Black Tie nights enforce the dress code and there are normally canopies to make it even more special. From 6pm you will normally be politely asked to finish your drink if you are not in the evenings dress code. Children should not wear denim on gala nights though they are not expected to be in black tie. There are clear signs up outside the areas all day so you are aware, it is on the web site and in the brochure and forms terms within the holiday. So as we do not get it wrong, let us quote the P&O web site as of 2018.

Evening Casual

Stylish resort or leisurewear is ideal for Evening Casual nights, for example casual separates or dresses for ladies and open-neck polo shirts and casual long trousers (not shorts or 3/4 length trousers) for men. A jacket and smart trousers can be worn but are not compulsory. Smart dark denim is also fine, but not trainers, football shirts or tracksuits.


Black Tie

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Black Tie nights foster a rather special atmosphere on-board and we know that our guests adore dressing up and it has long been a part of the P&O Cruises experience, adding a touch of glamour and a real sense of occasion to evenings at sea. Seeing an entire ship full of people transformed into their finery is quite something to behold. Ladies wear glamorous evening wear including cocktail dresses, ball gowns or even smart trouser suits. For men, dinner jackets or tuxedos are the norm, but a dark lounge or business suit and tie can be worn as an alternative. You can also wear formal national dress and military uniform.


The following venues are exclusively Black Tie venues when Black Tie is the Dress Code of the ship.
Arcadia: Intermezzo, The Crow’s Nest, Meridian, Sindhu and Ocean Grill restaurants.
Aurora: Anderson’s, The Crow’s Nest, Alexandria, Medina, Sindhu and The Glass House restaurants.
Azura: Blue Bar, Planet Bar, Meridian, Peninsular, Oriental, Sindhu, The Glass House and The Epicurean restaurants.
Britannia: The Crow’s Nest, The Epicurean, Meridian, Peninsular, Oriental, Sindhu and The Glass House restaurants.
Oceana: Magnums, Yacht and Compass, Ligurian and Adriatic restaurants.
Oriana: Anderson’s, The Crow’s Nest, Peninsular, Oriental and Sindhu restaurants.
Ventura: Red Bar, Metropolis, Cinnamon, Saffron, Bay Tree, Sindhu, The Glass House and The Epicurean restaurants.


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During the day you can wear exactly the same as you would on any other holiday. Casual shirts, shorts, trousers and beachwear are ideal. For going ashore and walking on deck, flat comfortable shoes are a must. You will also need a lightweight jacket or coat for cool evenings and occasional showers. Don’t forget sun protection cream, a sun hat and sunglasses as the sun is much stronger at sea.



The Dress Code for children in the evening is Evening Casual, regardless of the adult Dress Code. We do ask that children don’t wear denim on Black Tie nights. When dining in the informal or buffet restaurants children can be casually dressed. If children are going to be with you in the evening in the formal restaurants and theatre then they can still dress more casually adopting our Evening Casual Dress Code.


Fancy dress and novelty clothing

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We don’t want to dampen anyone’s fun but coming into effect on 1 January 2018, fancy dress and/or novelty clothing will not be permitted on board. We reserve the right to deny embarkation to guests who are inappropriately dressed. This is a change from the policy wording printed in the back our January 2018 – October 2019 brochure. The only exception to this is on official theme nights, when guests are invited to dress to reflect the theme. This policy, however, does not apply to children 16 and under.

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Personalised and slogan clothing

In addition to the fancy dress policy, clothing personalised with images/slogans, and/or clothing that features offensive language, images or slogans, will not be allowed on board at any time.

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The Dress Code is applied in most restaurants and bars for guests over 18 years of age, from 6pm. Please wear the appropriate attire to the ship’s bars and restaurants; blue or worn denim, sandals (for men), sleeveless tops (for men), flip flops and shorts are not permitted in ship’s public areas during the evening.

Swimsuits are not permitted in the lounges, interior bars, restaurants or reception area at any time. A shirt and suitable footwear is required while indoors and when using the buffet restaurants.

You may also find the following question helpful: What will the dress code be whilst I am on board? 

The above in italics was taken from the P&O web site. Whilst the rules do not vary, you will find Baltic Cruises tend to be just a little more dressy than say the Caribbean. Cruising is still special, take a look at the Epicurean on an informal night, smart casual. There is a laundry room with ironing boards and it is the centre of gossip early on formal gala nights. 

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