Port Vila


Port Vila is a tender port at the capital of Vanuatu, on Efate island. Vanuatu is a Pacific nation of around 80 islands and ships pull into Port Vila every month of the year. The only other popular cruise ship island is Mystery Island. The suggested things to do, as with many Pacific Islands is the beach, snorkelling, visit the local indigenous people or find a lagoon or a waterfall. Here they add abseiling down a waterfall. Inevitably you will be encouraged to buy local crafts at the colourful market stalls downtown. There is also the National Museum of Vanuatu, inside the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, displays artefacts such as slit-gong drums and outrigger canoes.

If you get out of town, the main tour is to Mele Cascades, a multi-tiered waterfall with rock pools in a rainforest. Here you may be able to try to abseil or zip line. The stop itself is set in a stunning bay with waterfront restaurants and beach bars so there is little need to do anything.PORT GUIDES – SEE OUR LIST OF EVERY PORT IN THE WORLD and be INSPIRED – PORT & DESTINATION GUIDES MENU AT DORIS VISITS – click The cruise size luggage labels are a hot recommendation, the other items are fun.



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