Pisa City Guide, from La Spezia. Blog and video guide of the town, and books set in Pisa. Please share how easy it is to get into Pisa by train. And that you must validate your ticket. Azura A901 is going here in 2019.

It is very easy to visit Pisa from the port of La Spezia. From La Spezia port you can either take the bus to the train station (the bus stop is located under the Cathedral, just turn right from the terminal) or it is about a 20-minute walk through town. If you choose the bus, buy your tickets at the shop down the road. It tells you where at the bus stop. It costs 1.5 euro to the station. The ticket machine at the station is easy to use but very slow so be prepared and try not to get frustrated. It costs 7.60 euros to get to Pisa. You MUST validate your ticket on the bus or before boarding the train, no excuse will be accepted. When we were on the train we saw a Chinese family get fined 50 euros a person because they had not validated their tickets. It was an honest mistake but the ticket collector said that he could not let them off as he had fined an Italian person that day and it would be unfair. The train takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending if you get a slow or a fast train. If you watch the video we explain the ticket buying and train journey.


When you arrive at Pisa there is a stop Pisa S. Rossore (the one before Pisa Centrale) which is right by the leaning tower. You literally walk about a hundred yards down the road before you see it. It is signposted as soon as you leave the station and shown on our film.

Pisa was a powerful city in the Middle Ages. The Leaning Tower is one of twenty historical churches. It is located in the Field of Miracles. The Tower is the free standing Tower of the Cathedral right next to it. Entrance to the Cathedral is free and it is one of the finest buildings in Tuscany. You have to cover your shoulders but don’t worry if you forget because they will supply you with a paper wrap. You have to pay a small charge to visit the other buildings in the Field of Miracles but they say that all the money goes towards their upkeep.

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Outside the Tower on one side (the station side) is a market for souvenirs. If you walk through and leave on the other side it is a short walk to the charming winding streets of Pisa. There are designer shops, pavement cafes, and bars. Keep walking to the River and not far from that is the main station Pisa Centrale where you can hop on the train back to La Spezia. We always allow plenty of time in case there is any problem with the trains but it is easy to do Pisa in half a day. We were back by 4pm and had 2 and a half hours before we had to get back on our ship so had a relaxing walk through La Spezia which was an unexpected bonus.

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