Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

There is very little to do in Papeete. It is a major town based around the port. On docking, there will be some musicians playing by the ship, some stalls and buses, taxis and seaways waiting to take you wherever. It is expensive not just for tourists but for the people who live there. To put it in perspective, a cooked rotisserie chicken on sale from a van at the roadside is $13 to locals. Three times the price of a supermarket in the UK. A fridge magnet will cost $10 to $12.50, yes, it is ridiculously expensive.

To enjoy it you will need to go to a beach, marina or a resort. Turn right at the docks and walk through the parks to stretch your legs, or contact a resort and book before you arrive; they might pick you up. A day at a resort will cost $100 each and might include lunch. We used the Manava Suite Resort which is shown in our film. Just before it is the Marina which is a $25 taxi ride away but free, the food, however, will be pricey. Expect a local beer to be $2 in a supermarket, $5 in a bar, and a cocktail to be not short of $20.

So, the answer might be to take an excursion or a trip. Take a look at our film. We have done this route twice, both times we went to resorts

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If you want a closer look at the Manava Suite and the rooms there, here is the longer film of the resort.

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