There are two times to get deals, the Early Savers which often pop up and we often feature hear. These are great if you can book in advance or have to, but also on ships and cruises that book up fast, they are the deals to catch. For example trying to get a suite on a ship, or even a balcony cabin on a Strictly Come Dancing cruise, or a Food Hero Cruise might be hard.

But, if you can pack a bag and go tomorrow, then you can also pick up a good deal. A late deal. We have met residents of Southampton who claim they get great same day deals. So, let’s take a look at the P&O Last Minute Deals or Late deals. Some are not so last minute because they start to get listed with a month to go. The deals currently range from between 7% to 18% off, but we have seen a lot more. The page is not at the top and standing out, but you can get to the current deal page by clicking here.

Some of these below will have gone now, so go to the current deal page by clicking here. But they are good example of the late summer savings.

  • Spain, Portugal and Guernsey. Ventura, Family friendly. 04 August 2017. 7 nights. Now only. £899. Saving 18% BOOK NOW  
  • Norwegian Fjords. Britannia, Family friendly. 05 August 2017. 7 nights. Now only. £959. Saving 6%. BOOK NOW
  • Spain, Canary Islands & Portugal. Aurora, Family friendly. 09 August 2017. 11 nights. Now only £1149. Saving 12% BOOK NOW
  • Ireland, Iceland and Faroe Islands. Oriana, Exclusively for adults. 11 August 2017. 14 nights. Now only £1349. Saving. 10%. BOOK NOW
  • Spain, France and Italy. Britannia, Family friendly. 12 August 2017. 14 nights. Now one£1579. Saving 7% BOOK NOW
  • Spain and Greece. Ventura, Family friendly. 15 August 2017. 17 nights. Now only £1470. Saving 21% BOOK NOW
  • Greece and Aegean. Oceana, Family friendly. 24 August 2017. 7 nights. Now only £849. Saving 8%. BOOK NOW
  • Ireland. Oriana, Exclusively for adults. 25 August 2017. 7 nights. Now only £649. Saving 11%. BOOK NOW
  • Belgium. Britannia, Family friendly. 02 September 2017. 2 nights. Now only £199. Saving 20%. BOOK NOW
  • France, Spain and Guernsey. Azura, Family friendly. 02 September 2017. 7 nights. Now only £799. Saving 6%. BOOK NOW


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