Gateway to season 6 of Game Of Thrones, Girona and Palamos on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava runs from Barcelona for about 40km to the French border. The only remaining Spanish cruise stop that might be scheduled is the traditional fishing town of Palamos. The mountains and rugged coast line are the basis for Brava in Costa Brava. The historic Old Town is renowned for its hiking, water sports, fishing and waterfront bars fringed around the pretty harbour. Local red prawns or sambas are a specialty and will be on almost every menu. La Fosca beach sports the remains of an Iberian castle sits perched on the rocks if you want to walk along the coast.


For those of you addicted to the biggest television show ever, bigger than most films, Girona is less than an hour away. This is where you can find the Game Of Thrones tour. There are other things to do in Girona but the ruins and history, real and made up by George R R Martin are more than enough to fill a day. The Game of Thrones is a 2-hour walking tour in Girona, a city chosen as a setting for the hit series Game of Thrones, and where much of its sixth season was filmed. Learn about the secrets of the shooting, the main actors and the locations used, all explained by one of the characters who appeared as an extra in the series. When you’ve finished the walking tour, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an ice cream that was inspired by the hand that was cut off Jaime Lannister! This tour is just under £50 and is likely to sell out so best booked before you travel all the way there. Google transit offers a regional train from Palamos to Girona that takes about 90 minutes.


Girona, Figueres & Dalí Museum

The Dalí Theatre and Museum is a museum of the artist Salvador Dalí in his home town of Figueres. Dalí is buried there in a crypt below the stage. There is likely to be a tour here, you can research a version here. Girona is on the river Onyar and although this film is in Spanish, Ruben is fun. Good City guide.

It is worth staying if you have a trip booked to Barcelona. It is about two hours away from Barcelona and you can compare local hotels here.

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