Cruise & Travel channel on TV – Doris Visits

The one year celebration of the character Doris Shades has seen Doris move to television, but still on all other devices. Netflix is a TV app, Amazon is a TV app, Doris Visits is a TV app. How do you find it?


The lies about HD. Salespeople lied about HD when the TV’s went from 625 lines to 720 lines, then to 1080, now 4k. We know movie cameras are now 8k. So HD means Higher Definition that is was last week, not High Definition. Hight definition is way beyond 4k.

The lies about Smart TV. They said TV’s were smart years ago, but they were just a little smarter than the TV’s which could do nothing. They are still NOT smart. If a salesman tries to tell you they are, pull out your smart phone and ask if it can do everything your phone can do and test him.

So, TV’s are not HD and they are not smart, they are sales lines. Nor have we got fast Broadband. Around 4% of end users have fast fibre broadband, Korea as 60%, Japan 70%. We could not game or watch as fast as countries we consider third world. So, let us say we are building Doris TV for the future, when we have smart HD TV. The app is made, it is a TV app. On a real smart TV you might be able to find it. It is found in the OPERA APP store. You can save it as an ICON next to NETFLIX.

We hear of people finding it, some suggest they have found it in the app section of BT TV. Obviously the BBC and ITV are not looking forward to this, and Disney have just bought Fox and Sky from Murdoch to try and be big enough to survive the new wave of competition.

When you find it, this is what it should look like. Click here.

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Franchise marketing sees most TV’s come with just one APP installed, like Netflix where you can find our movie FREIGHT. It can be difficult to install other apps, maybe deliberately. But when you can find the Doris TV app, please install it.

The app works through Daily Motion, and we have switched recently to put all our films on YouTube to work with Google. However, we will during 2018 upload all our new films to the app.