Cruise & Travel channel on TV – Doris Visits

The one year celebration of the character Doris Shades has seen Doris move to television, but still on all other devices.

The Cruise and Travel show that has spun off from the award winning drama show, that may also be remade for television, is DORIS VISITS, now on TV.

The Future of Television

We had TV’s that said they were HD when they went to 720 lines (as opposed to 625 lines).

We now know they lied about being HD. Proof being they soon went to 1080 lines which is also known as 2k and became HD (but wasn’t really HD). You need to understand why 1080 which is 1000, is called 2k, which is 2000. Because TV is oblong. Letterbox. It stands 1000 high, 2000 long. So 1080 hight, the number of lines, is 2K wide.

So, the TV’s that claimed HD was 2k, were, once again caught with their pants down. They had to come up with a term for the 4k. Four 4k, the cameras we used to use back then and were sold in most super stores. Enter SuperHD, what they had to call 4k as they had twice used the HD term before. Who knows what they will call the 6k and 8k cameras currently in use in the future, but the point here is when they said HD, the TV’s were not.

So, when they say your TV is SMART, trust me it is stupid compared to your computer or phone, which we can all agree offers far more. So, let us suggest the TV could be a lot Smarter. Maybe, those who twist the truth, will suggest the new televisions are SuperSmart. But we are not there yet, you TV’s are NOT SMART.

Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is a proper industry term amongst broadcasters and with OfCom (who now preside over the BBC as well at other broadcast channels). This is when Televisions get so smart, like your phone or computer, having apps like Netflix, which is an APP…..

that people stop watching broadcast TV ……

The broadcasters are dreading it. The UK has only 2% of end users with fast fibre. japan has 70%, Korea 60%, the USA are moving away from fibre as we try to get it, they are moving to G5. However we catch up to the rest of the world we will eventually have fast internet to the television. May 2016 Apple announced they were to make a TV operating system, and then sell Apps. Only this year have TV’s been sold with Android and the ability to have apps.

So, when you claim your TV is smart, and has some Apps, let me say they were pre-installed, and the app store is limited and not free, nor will the TV allow it.

New TV’s with more freedom are some way away, but new Samsong and Sony TV’s have OPERA TV Store included and in it you can load the Doris Visits. You can do it the way you would on your phone. If your TV and TV app store does not offer loads and loads of TV apps, it is not smart. Sorry. But the future is coming.

Doris TV when you get it, should look great and be easy to use. In the mean time, you can use DORIS VISITS the TV version on your computer by clicking the title of this blog. Once found, save this in your bookmarks if it is easier to use.