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An excursion from Portsmouth or Southampton – Isle of Wight?

An excursion from Portsmouth or Southampton – Isle of Wight?

If you landed in a foreign port you would investigate a island just off shore
with a wonderful micro climate and some of the best beaches in the UK. So, from Portsmouth or Southampton this is a genuine tour. The Isle of Wight greets you with a very familiar looking train, it is the old original Central Line Tube train which they have purchased to take you through the island. It has many stops but here we concentrate on a particularly pleasant set of gardens that are up above a very British beach. Ventnor Botanical Gardens is quite a day out, great fun for the family and it is also set in a village that sports a great summer comedy and dramatic festival as an alternative to Edinburgh. The long steep steps down to the beach will take you back in time, as does much of the Isle of Wight. It is not to be ignored, this little island, with very British bed and breakfast is a great pre-show to a cruise. As you can see they do weddings here, so if you wanted to have a wedding at sea, but the family are not wanting to go to sea, you could have a wedding here, with all the family, then step on board on your honeymoon.


Our other film on the Isle of Wight takes you round the island, and takes you to Portsmouth by train. You can get the ferry back to Southampton and change terminals to meet your cruise ship. Our film on Southampton shows you how to get to Southampton by coach from Victoria.

From 2018 both P&O and Cunard are performing civil service on board for gay couples. This was wonderfully predicted in the fantastic dark romantic adventure novel, A Perfect Storm, where the heroine, looking for love, finds herself nearly killed by someone she upsets. This human duster at sea takes place on a well described Baltic Cruise. Hey, life at sea! Don’t forget, cruising all started with The Love Boat, the TV show. Read about that in our telling of the incredible story of Princess Cruises the company that was for so many years a sister company to P&O, and is now under the same owner carnival and still works out of the P&O building in Southampton as does Cunard.


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