Ocho Rios, Jamaica – Suggestions

We have actually stayed in Jamaica twice. Once in what was then a very quaint and lovely Couples Hotel, that reeked of old film stars and people singing round the piano. There were pictures of movie stars everywhere and you could imagine you were standing where Errol Flynn or Noel Coward stood. It had double hammocks in secluded tree oasis and was idylic. The second time was at Sandals, a much noisier affair where shorts at dinner was just fine. The golf there was fantastic and although we had not been playing long our compulsory cadey was one of the best teachers we have ever had. It was a special wedding anniversary and we had just been in South Africa where we were disappointed with the designs and styles of the gem jewellery, and had also been through Dubai where we though the same. It was here that Jean got her chocolate diamond necklace if you ever notice it. So, we thought we would share this video of another gem in Jamaica, the Martha Brae River.

We hope to be back there soon and make a city film. We have been here twice, loved it, played golf, never had problems and bought the nicest jewellery. Jean also did the Chukka Horseback Ride N’ Swim. Remember by looking at the tours, it tells you what is available.

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