Pearl Harbour is a memorial to the very many who died there, it is both respectful and very security conscious and no bags, however small are allowed in. Do not take even the smallest handbag unless you want the inconvenience of queue to put it in a paid locker. Cameras in cases will be checked. It is easy to access by public bus 20, the bus stop is outside the cruise terminal and the return bus is on the highway just outside and entrance is free so the whole day could cost less than five dollars. Bus drivers are super helpful. The tours are brilliant, so you can choose, you might want to be guided round this huge park.

It is a huge memorial park dedicated to the many killed there in the attacks that destroyed the fleet in World War II and there is still a veteran or two who will sign a book though the ones we saw did so with an ink stamp; their writing skills looked challenged with arthritis. It is amazing that there is no fee for the memorial which was aided greatly in the early years by an inaugural concert by Elvis Presley. He played there many times after to continue to help fund the memorial which now salutes many fallen servicemen and ships.


There are 4 main sections and each could take a couple of hours and some have charges but it is not expensive. Tour guides can help you in what can be a short and informative visit, or a whole day of much information from the many audio and visual exhibitions. As soon as you buy the smallest gift inside, even a fridge magnet you are given a nice memorial bag, so you can hand carry in some items until you acquire a bag from the shop. They also sell pearls there so take some money! Our informative film will really help. Hawaii is often on the Arcadia’s world circumnavigation at the start of each year.

External Link – The official Pearl Harbour Tour site.

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