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NOVELS – CRUISE DORIS BOOKS – novels based on cruises and cruise ships


This is our new publishing arm, which will take most of 2019 to get in order, but we will publish books that are cruise centric. Cruise novels published by Cruise Doris Books are a shoot of the parent company that has previously released films themselves and with distributors Universal and ICON. Cruise Doris Books must take place against the backdrop of a cruise, so they make ideal cruise reading. Contact us direct via the contact only if you have a totally cruise relevant book, totally finished.

C.S.C.I. CRUISE SHIP CRIME INVESTIGATORS. The powerful series of thrillers from our own Stuart St Paul

These thrillers are based around a number of detectives who work at sea. The first book, Cruise Ship Heist, is now available on Kindle. It starts by throwing together a number of characters who will move into their own offices in book two, Cruise Ship Serial Killer. Their speciality is to solve extreme crimes on cruise ships that the internal security is just not equipped to do. All total fiction, but written by our own producer and movie director here at Doris, Stuart St Paul who has very deep knowledge of very many cruise ships, though the stories do not relate to any ships or characters in real life.

His imagination has gone wild producing what we hope will be a series of books by 2020. The guest never sees half of what never goes on. Just because it never happened, doesn’t mean it’s not true. #csci #c.s.c.i. #cruiseshipcrimeinvestigators


These are adult romantic stories from Sally Catz. Three novels now under the banner of CRUISE DORIS BOOKS (CDB) will be rebranded during 2019. CDB’s first action has been to reduce the price of the first book Her Virgin Voyage. The series of three stories follow one woman, a very young and smart lady of more years than she is ready to admit, who has spent far too many years dealing with mental problems after tragedies she still cannot speak of. But now it is time to find herself. Click the small picture for the Amazon three-book deal and binge read. This book is often found on ship’s and is a steady seller that has appeared in the Amazon chart.

Violet joins her first ship for a Canary Islands cruise. Her second cruise is around the Baltic, and the third cruise sees her go out for the Caribbean season. The ships and cruises are very accurate, the rest must be made up!

The Book Table

These are not published by us, but books available on Cruising and cruise ships found on Amazon.

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