MSC BELLISSIMA – new ship due 2019 – 5,386 guests

MSC have many cruises from Southampton, but this new ship will be christened in Southampton on 2nd March, 2019.

MSC BellissimaMSC Bellissimo will be christened in Southampton. MSC CRUISES FROM SOUTHAMPTON – click here

Cruising gets bigger so fast it is hard to keep up with it. This 315m long ship, will have, like the Meraviglia, a 96 m central promenade and the entire ceiling will be covered by a giant 480 sq.m. LED screen transmitting visual magic round the clock: an atmospheric digital sky that animates the whole area from above with inspiring vistas, events, sunrises, sunsets and starry night skies. It is to be filled with boutiques, restaurants and tranquil spots for shopping, eating and relaxing… as well as socialising. And in the evening, it comes alive with music, parties and entertainment. MSC have been added to our deals page, which takes you to the deals the cruise companies are offering. It is a page of links that connect you to what pops up as good deals and is a great page to start from when pricing.

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The Bellissimo will have the Cirque du Soleil at sea as well as a huge amount of top class entertainment that the bigger ships can afford. It is like living in a city full of entertainment and dining, for a week or two.

MSC FROM SOUTHAMPTON – here  The opportunity to cruise from Southampton is greater than you think. Many cruise lines including Princess sail from there. Others like Fred Olsen, SAGA and Cruise & Maritime use other ports around the UK. Liverpool is having a huge new £50m cruise port built.

Looking at the initial plans or ideas for the ship MSC are sharing, the MSC Bellissimo will start with a summer in the Mediterranean. It looks like the first cruise will start March 24, 2019. Be the first to book this inaugural cruise which will be a 7-day round-trip from Barcelona,  to Marseille then GenoaNaplesMessina and Valletta.

The first winter, 2019-2020, Bellissimo will be homeported in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (UAE ports). There will be two different 7-night Persian Gulf itineraries, allowing a two week option combining the two. The ship then moves to be deployed in Asia-Pacific and homeported in China (Shanghai), and it is unclear whether it will be aimed purely at the Chinese market, but given the growth there it may be that we are just testing the ship here in Europe only to lose it. Who was predicting that this industry would get itself into such a high leveraged risk position? By that we mean the growth is there to see but with about 30 new ships to hit the seas in maybe 3 years or so, 30 x 3000 guests x 40 weeks is a need for over three million new cruisers. Plus the need to fill current ships, and this is a conservative figure. Sally Katz’s interesting cruise novel AMERICAN PORTRAIT sees a dark plot evolve, with a sub plot about the need to improve marketing that sets a company director in a forbidden romance. It bases the story round the inner huge growth of the spa centres on board and the younger older woman. Hey, its a good read and very intuitive. Click the picture.