If you want to miss the sail from the UK and avoid Gibraltar, some ships use Malaga (Marella) as a home base. Other Mediterranean cruises often visit the port.  If you have done Malaga, then Mijas is a beautiful mountain town just twenty minutes away  and worth a visit. Take a look at Jeans great film guide.

Donkey Taxi – Mijas is now best known for its Donkey Taxi. The rides on the donkeys and the pulled carts are a huge attraction in Mijas and they await you as you arrive. Sheltering under the trees and in the shade of the walls the donkeys used to be working the fields until their owners found they could make more money from tourists.

Horse and Carriage – In the newer square down by the tourist office are the horse and carts. Their poster infers they take you round the town but they don’t. The trip is just to the roundabout up by the free parking and back, and you may have just walked that yourself. So the Donkey’s win if you wish to support one of them.

Tourist Office – The tourist office has details of everything in the town and the area. Their walking map is good and they are keen to explain. It is not the easiest map to understand but hold the sea to the sea and then you should find things easily. The town is small and easy to walk.

Relax – Mijas is a city for Tapas, wine and views. It is a place to relax. It draws the sun in so is very hot. Wear a hat. As you are still at the Torremolinos end not the Marbella end of the Costa del Sol, the prices are quite reasonable. See the film and explore the town.Please subscribe to the Doris Visits YouTube Cruise Destination Guide channel here

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If you want to see Mijas from a cruise by ship, it will be on the tours list as it is only 20 minutes from Malaga if your ship stops there. It is not practicable in a day stop at Gibraltar.