YouTube Playlist of Mediterranean Cruise Destinations only.

This is to try and make things easier. You may be trying to choose a Mediterranean route and want to see the film guides and tours without having to read the blogs. You can see our Doris YouTube Channel button here but the picture below is one click to just the Mediterranean films. If you are off to the Med you can make your own playlist. Click the picture below and watch all the films, gathering endless tips like Italian trains to Pisa and what to see in Alicante, by leaving the playlist running.

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Looking at our YouTube Channel was quite enlightening. Just over a year since it was broken away from our movie site and started again, and the results are interesting. The most popular ship by views is the Arcadia, yet the Arcadia Chat Site has far fewer people in the community that the Britannia Chat and community. Playing and sharing our YouTube films helps us keep our Channel status, and with targets on YouTube changing on the 20th February 2018, we need all the plays we can get. Please remember, next time you book a cruise online, if it is with with SAGA, Fred Olsen, Marella, P&O please book through our links so we can keep the numbers up to keep our affiliation. It helps us get codes and offers we can direct you to. (more below – but out deals page should be explored – you will see how it works)Mediterranean Cruises Youtube playlist of destinations – click here of the picture to go to the You Tube PlaylistCHAT GROUP – Mediterranean Cruise Community & Chat on Facebook – If you love the Mediterranean then join the community and share here. Ask, or answer other people’s questions, meet other cruisers going on your cruise. Guests are the knowledge base here at Doris Visits – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHAT 

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