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Martinique, French Caribbean Island that takes Euros!

Martinique, French Caribbean Island that takes Euros!

The world is a strange place, sail to the America’s and find yourself in the EU. Guadeloupe and Martinique both take Euros and lets hope we don’t have to test our European Medical card there, but take them because they are supposed to work. Your insurance company may expect you to claim even if they pay. Our EHIC blog The large tourist map we were offered was in French, check first. The small folded A4 sheet is in English and suggests there is a 12 step audio tour you can take so as not to miss anything. We were there on a Sunday so most things were closed from the market to the fort, and the supermarkets close at mid-day Sundays. The film gets most bits of the town but Martinique is about diving, the sea and a seductive mix of magnificent beaches and lush mountains. Walking to the left you would find the Balata Botanical gardens very near. Owned by a passionate horticulturalist, the Balata Botanical Gardens (Jardin de Balata) it feature more than 3,000 species of tropical plants and flowers. It is well landscaped with ponds full of water lilies and lotus blossoms. A tree top walk on rope bridges gives visitors a fantastic view of the gardens while hummingbirds play (the only bird that can fly backwards). There are also benches for relaxing. That is probably the best option in town. The ferry to the beaches is to the right, see the film.


You will find the ship offers tours to explore Martique, to enjoy the wonderful sea, to explore the botanical gardens and a rum and banana excursion. If you have booked your P&O cruise, you can go into your personal planner and see and book excursions via the link below.

Ferry Destinations – Martinique’s main resort areas is said to be south of Fort-de-France, Pointe du Bout. It is far more cosmopolitan than the port town with boutiques, ice-cream parlors, and restaurants. The sea front resorts patrol their own beach sections. The ferry from Fort-de-France goes there. West of Pointe du Bout is Anse Mitan, one of the best beaches on the island, with snorkeling opportunities just offshore.


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