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Marbella, Puerto Banus not too far from Malaga

Marbella, Puerto Banus not too far from Malaga

Marbella, Puerto Banus is the place to party. We went to see Status Quo @ Starlite Club in Costa Del Sol. It was a strange and sad night, but one hell of a concert. We have sailed and flown into Malaga and it is a very interesting port stop, and these other places are great to visit, like Mijas.

Please remember – you must have cruise insurance when on a cruise

Marbella – Yes Marbella is a place to pose and party. There are endless nightclubs and bars. Marbella sits about midway between Malaga and Gibraltar on the Costa del Sol. So you might be on a road trip? Try the mountains as well as the coast have films on Sotogrande, Duqesa, Estepona, Mijas, Malaga. But here, if you want to pose and party day and night then this is the place to stay because the cab fare home in the early hours might be affordable. If you want to stay somewhere with more options and just visit here to party then try Mijas which is popular on the Malaga side, or Estepona which is popular on the Gibraltar side. Estepona is probably the more trendy and where stars like the late Cilla Black had one of her homes. Marbella certainly has the power to attract events and names. It is a place where you can hire fast cars and fancy boats for a day, just to pose. The restaurants along the front over looking the bay and the sea can be very pricey, and busy at lunch times.

Starlet Club – Finding this club for the first time might not be easy as it is up in the mountains and you might just need the sat nav on your phone to guide you as the signs disappear and reappear.  The arena is cut into the mountains, at the site of a disused quarry.  There are  lounges, swanky bars, shops and multiple stages.  Rick Parfitt had been trying to get Status Quo to play there for years as it is near one of his homes and where he kept his boats. Rick was a huge boat lover. However as with most gigs it was booked over a year in advance and in the mean time Rick fell ill with a heart attack and could not play there. He was ill and no longer with the band and we all knew he was unlikely to ever return. The band had to play ‘his’ gig knowing how ill he was and with his neighbours friends and family there because that was where he lived. Rick was being cared for in London and has since, sadly passed away. You will see from our blogspot.com/dorisvisits that Rick actually died for a while and suffered the oxygen deprivation that goes with it which is why those close to the band knew he was very unlikely to return. Rick wrote some great songs for the film we did with him, Bula Quo. We feature the club on the film. Catch the film Bula Quo if you have not seen it, it is an easy Christmas day family romp.

Puerto Banus – As they say in the industry believe nothing. Well, if you see someone in a Ferrari or with a yacht they can be rented by the hour as can most things when in the glamour centre of ‘Banus’. Here you can eat and drink well, pose and party. A great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. It is a place where those daft enough to rent a fast vehicle to pull, will pull someone daft enough to believe it. But people watching is so much fun here. Enjoy the film.

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