Manuel Martinez, cruise ship magician & comedian

Hailing from Havana, Cuba, Manuel Martinez is the number one export after the cigars. Dispatched by the Cuban presidency, Manuel Martinez is Cuba’s diplomatic ambassador of comedy. An act that is as comical, witty, outrageous and unpredictable as any I have seen. It is an act you will not forget, even if you forget the excellent singers and other entertainers, this act is unique and self effacing.
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Manuel Martinez is a regular on the cruise circuit, as you will have heard me say, where else is there for such great acts to play? The entertainment on board ship is like no other.
Manuel Martinez may be homeless but he moves between the most prestigious cruise ships, off one, on the other. He is a regular for P&O, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.
Warning, be brave if you dare to get on stage with him.
ep-462-40Not only do I see him often, but we have persuaded him to appear in our very offbeat drama Shades Of Bad, which we do now just to see how many stars we can force into it. Manuel appears in three episodes at the moment, but we have more plans …. he starts in an episode we shot while the ship was docked in Barcelona … and from there we move on to take over the world!
It turns out that Manuel is a terrific actor … but of course, he comes from Cuba!
Share the madness – but don’t tell immigration.

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