Malaga Guide – a wonderful city with much to offer

Malaga surprised us because we thought we knew it. Previously we had used it many times as a gateway to the Spanish beaches, know for sun and sand as well as some wonderful towns! It is a city that many just pass through because of the airport or the port, but it has much to warrant a stay or a visit and it appears on many cruises, not least on a sail out to the Aegean as with Fred Olsen’s Islands of the Aegean – more about that later.
Castle – We got to the castle late, about 7.15 and it closes shortly after, so maybe that is why it was free but it is worth an entry fee. The grounds are well kept and it is like walking through an estate which is what it must have been. It feels more like a home to many than just a war horse and presents views of the harbour, bull ring and city.

Botanical Gardens – Malaga is perhaps not known for its Botanical Gardens, and one might just think it is a park. However, in the blazing heat, the vegetation that stretches as a line just back from the beach separating the sea from the city, is the best collection of tropical and subtropical plants in the whole of the Mediterranean. We have a collection of Botanical Gardens from around the world.PRINCESS CRUISES – CRUISES IN THE MEDITERRANEAN

Main Street & City + Picasso Museum – Is well decorated clean and inviting, but there is so much more to see than the shops. There are a few museums but the popular one is the Picasso Museum and you may have to queue. At the end of the day, there is still a huge queue so we suggest you get out early and make this your first visit.Marella Cruises to the Western Mediterranean

Cathedral – The exterior of the Cathedral and sound of the bells are in the film, but we did not enter. Having seen the churches of the Baltic and St Petersburg just weeks before we felt churched out. It is a marvellous centre to the city and near the Picasso Museum. There is a restaurant just opposite where you can take in the view of the cathedral while you have a drink.OUR ANGELS & DEMONS TAKE ON ROME

Glass Museum and Crystal Museum is a privately owned building, furnished like a stately home and contains glass from Phoenician times (as far back as 6th century BC) right up to the present day.

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The port is interesting because it does have an incredible draw. Not just the bric-a-brac stalls every cruise stop port has, but it feels like there is enough to keep you there. At the port is a unit that hires out bikes, Segways and much more, and that is worth a stop after you have done the city. There is a big wheel, though you may have seen the views from the castle, horse and cart rides, but you can easily walk to everything. Oh, and the tourist office is near the big wheel, between it and the main street into town. There is also the famous bull ring if you are interested. Everything is in walking distance and there are various sea trips available. The atmosphere is lively and friendly. Malaga is so much more than just a port.

Tip…. you could do Malaga swiftly in the morning and get to Mijas for the afternoon. See our blog on Mijas. This could be the start of a road trip down to Gibraltar – see our films on SotograndeGibraltar, Duquesa, Estepona, and Malaga. Of, you could go north to Almeria, Cartagena, Benidorm, Alicante and finish at Valencia. If you fancy a road trip from Gibraltar up the coast or the other way. Check out some great deals on hotels here, try the mountains. Be careful with the car hire, many have hidden bills now and we paid a fortune in post add-ons charged to our debit card that we could do nothing about, far more than explained and expected when we booked through DoYouSpain, so beware. When we find a good car hire we can trust we will mention it, till then be careful. It is always easier by SHIP – A cruise that takes in Malaga will normally go in and out of Southampton or Tilbury. An ambitious cruise might be out to the Aegean, and include similar stops to the Fred Olsen cruise, Islands of the Aegean which, sails from Southampton on the 11th September for 28 nights and is an adult only cruise. From Malaga you could also visit the donkey taxi town in the mountains, Mijas which is a fantastic excursion by coach or taxi, just 20 minutes outside Malaga. That cruise also takes in Lisbon, which also has a Doris Visits film, on the return. The rest of the Itinerary includes Valletta, Malta. Piraeus (for Athens) Greece, Tourlos (Mykonos) in Greece, Kusadasi, Limassol, Antalya in Turkey, Rhodes in Greece, Thira in Santorini and Cartagena

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